Monday, July 20, 2015

from assistant editor Frosty (inspired by Tama the stationmaster): a SUGGESTION - poetry editors with feline assistants, please send a photo of your assistant(s) to us, here at mighty bear seep creek, and will post pictures (with the Frosters) at the end (beginning, Frosty states) of every post, including info. about selfsame poetry pub:  why? for us to consistently present publishing possibilities/activities/et al. for the creative folks (and felines) who visit us. . . 

(hoping to receive editorial assistant(s) photos from Marianne Zlyk, Peggy Dugan French, Karen O'Leary, Jo, Karla Linn Merrifield, Patricia Carragan, Don Wentworth (does Don have a cat, I wonder?  'he should', states the Froster)
and many others. . .
yes! and,
I have an initial candidate! worthy assistant, what do you think of this 
friendly fellow, who lives with our 
Bard Valley buddy/editor and
versifying friend p l wick?

ok, alright, perhaps not a grand idea

a poem! we need poetry!
         poetry from Nola Obee!    Armstrong, British Columbia      

eighth decade
longer to turn the page
than to read the headlines

                                        two magpies herd
                                        a quail covey off the road
                                        no jay-walking

a fistful of black
feathers on the sidewalk
scant war news

yes, and we must have a poem from 
                Margaret L Campbell    Anderson, South Carolina

Before Goodbye

    I'm saving every
    memory - coins in a jar
    that I'll never spend.

from Karla Linn Merrifield,    Brockport, New York
a powerful self-portrait. . . 
                 Self-Portrait Gestalt


                 If she does not swirl
                 into fire,
                 she will be your 


wow. . . 
everyone, time for belly rubs and treats!

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                   

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