Wednesday, July 15, 2015

for Jo Balistreri

short poems/haiga/info/et al. for bear creek haiku's posts/print pub. usually arrive via postal, yet! what magic emerges by creating this post from the thrumming/humming of Frosty's (and my) email?  
An immediate post title/theme from the very first poem!. . .  
this post is dedicated to Jo Balistreri:

                      Fibonacci for Jo Balistreri

                      the pose
                      like a white-white rose
                      in the strokes of Botticelli.

for Jo Balistreri           Karla Linn Merrifield


haiga by Ron Moss, from 
Tasmania, composed around 
tanka of mine 
(first appearance in One Hundred Gourds) and, don'tcha just know, 
dedicated to -
Jo Balistreri!

here's two from the self-same
ms. Jo Balistreri!

     baby raccoons
     we startle each other

a single scarlet pentstemon
Anasazi ruins

                          ! a poem for Jo                      
                            from Liverpool's notorious 
                            dudearoonie, Ian Mullins. . . !

              turn the key
              watch the sun rise


above, for Jo,
from Ed Markowski!

Charlie Mehrhoff, mr scarecrow hisself, chooses this dedication!

             The Masterpiece 

Unlike most human artists, the Creator 
does not sign Her work.  

This so that humanity may come to know
it all as being

Her signature. 

 from everyone's friend, Peggy Dugan French, 
  editor of Shemom, for Jo!

                                 sugar plums
                                 dressed in pink
                                 the journey begins

heavens, here's Angelee Deodhar, Peggy Dugan French (and I) for Jo

my own wife, poet and partner, Judith Partin-Nielsen, 
dedicates this poem to J0

            Winter Woman
            skin of golden ash
            mystery of face
            abstracted in beauty
            loosened chignon of promise 
            graceful ellipses of waist, widening to 
            hips opening like
            the mouth of a river 
            giving birth to the world

and, this last one - Frosty's stating, no matter how many want to dedicate their poems to Jo, it's time for belly rubs and treats!

p l wick, dear friend/editor of Cheap Seats. . .  for Jo. . .

                                       let us doze together 
                                 and journey tomorrow 
                                 midst butterscotch pine

belly rubs, belly rubs and extra treats for all!

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                                     and Frosty

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