Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Don Wentworth's 'Yield to the Willow'. . .

Don Wentworth's latest poetry collection: 'Yield to the Willow'

more than loverly poetry - Don, as editor of print pub Lilliput Review, online at Issa's Untidy Hut (and) Wednesday Haiku, as friend - instrumental in my creating bear creek haiku, thus, this blog site, and, especially, Don as poet: have long emulated plagiarized his exceptionally creative short poem ingeniousness. . .

two of my favorites. . .

                              one noble truth leaf after leaf after leaf
hanging low
so beautiful
 the willow                                                        
  with the                                            

Charlie Mehrhoff, as always,
says it best. . .

'Today the short poem reveals the essence
of things as much or more than any art
form upon the planet. . . in every aspect,
Don is the master of the short poem.
Wield this book carefully for it is sharper
than a samurai sword.  Yield to the
willow, indeed!'

hiding in everything plain sight

     each more beautiful
        than the next

220 pages of Don's short poems!
$10 cash or check payable to Don Wentworth
(or via Paypal online) 
282 Main Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15201

see you in a moment

frosty and ayaz daryl nielsen

                           locust tree
                    gone from the bus stop
                        how much longer
                             the wait

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