Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tama the stationmaster

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Tama, stationmaster 
at Kishi (western Japan) from 2007 until her passing a week ago at age 16

A stray who simply appeared, Tama possessed a spiritual panache as stationmaster that put health and heart into the local economy, and! had all travelers and wanderers she came into contact with feel good about themselves and those nearby.  
 During a Shinto ceremony by a gūji (chief priest) and a miko (priestess), attended by 3,000 humans and many stray cats, Tama was enshrined as a kami (sacred power).  
Just hearing about this has me feeling good.  Thanks, Frosty.

               One universe collides
                into another.

                Dust scatters.

                Calico fur 
                or clouds?

                does it matter?                                                                    poem by Charlie Mehrhoff                                 

                               home with groceries
                               the stray who snuck 
                               in behind us
                               for his supper

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                               and Frosty

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