Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bear Creek Haiku, a new home 
Today, in the move to a new size 11 (Keens) shoebox, found!  Found were poems, promises, poets, a missing sock (and felines, Frosty states) all overdue for recognition, recognition and admiration. . .

assistant editor Frosty's affirmation: 'assistant editors first'. . .

Peggy Dugan French, ed., Shemom,
Phynix and Savannah                             asst. ed. Phynix         
your best poetry to
Peggy French
2486 Montgomery Ave   
Cardiff CA  92007          
(friend and cohort)

asst. ed. Savannah

Patricia Carragon (Brooklyn)
Brownstone Poets Poetry Series                asst. ed. Sam           
active, worthy poetry endeavors,
let's give Ms Carragon and 
asst. ed. Sam our blessings!
(and treats, says Frosty)
much info at

Marianne Slyzk, ed.
The song is. . .
poetry, music, oodles                 asst. ed. Callie                   
of poet-nurturing activity
asst. ed.s Callie and Thelma

and, asst. ed. Thelma

Karla Linn Merrifield 
and Bastet                              asst. ed. Bastet              

The Centrifugal Eye Poetry Journal
yup, kindda makes this blog look a bit shabby
('but not me!', states Frosty)
find out for yourself, and visit there - includes 
everything poetic

Cheap Seats  a ticket to ride
p l wick, editor                               p l choosing pushcart nominees           

print pub needs your best -
info at                   
Cheap Seats
PO Box 249
Empire CO  80430-0249

'the poem! share that special poem!', states Frosty. . .  ok, alright -
from the blog Alley Kat Poets ed. Max tdc . .

                   cans of cat food
                   almost two-bits 
                   some almost four-bits more
                   now  with gleaming
                   spectrum lids
                   like candy-apple show-car glitz
                   regal purple
                   exotic jungle green
                   sensuous sapphire
                   mandarin hot-rod
                   dreamy turquoise
                   Posey the inky garage ratter
                   eyes frosting over
                   whiskers of grey
                   just wants
                   plain ol’ dull-stamped
                   canned Friskies—
                   something with fish  please

                   and a belly rub.

an extra treat for Max! 

finally, three fine poetry collections, found in the basement of the old shoebox. . .

Culling from George Held, always a versatile poet one (all) should often experience - among these 75 pages within the four seasons, this winter poem
dedicated to friend Dave Church  (1947 - 2008)

The Waning Moon

Moon on the wane,
Ten degrees outside.

Will it wax again
Next month?

Will life renew in spring?
Will the heart stay young?

published by Poets Wear Prada
533 Bloomfield Street, Second Floor
Hoboken, N J  07030    George Held:

1984's lovely 32-pages of poetry from jani home webster (deceased), sent by friend Karen O'Leary (of online Whispers In The Wind fame). . . 

a jani johe poem, in remembrance. . .


what are you saying now
when I can't hear you

do you whistle
going up long stairs

listen to music
when you're lonely

what are you doing now

all these may miles away

online at Whispers in the Wind  Karen O'Leary  look up the few specifics, then send your poems   

So Below  poetry by Noel Sloboda
from 2012,   sunny outside press

five poems, 
with a fold-out center,
well-done and fun. . .

'X-ray Vision'

No word in the comic book ads
of headaches, eyestrain, or doubling -

I'd have ordered the glasses anyhow,
hoping to penetrate the bodies mysteries.

When my wife saw me wearing them,
I hoped she would laugh along.

I grinned and rubbed my pounding
temples, waited expectantly.

Her look pierced me, extended toward
a place far beyond our home.

She started to unbutton and sighed,
          You simply should have asked.

Froster and I have to say goodbye! It's time for our treats (and belly rubs, asst. ed. states)

and, since Jo Balistreri doesn't currently have a cat, Frosty and Tama
have adopted her. . .

Tama the stationmaster

          Jo, you are ours 
              Frosty and Tama


see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                    


Monday, July 20, 2015

from assistant editor Frosty (inspired by Tama the stationmaster): a SUGGESTION - poetry editors with feline assistants, please send a photo of your assistant(s) to us, here at mighty bear seep creek, and will post pictures (with the Frosters) at the end (beginning, Frosty states) of every post, including info. about selfsame poetry pub:  why? for us to consistently present publishing possibilities/activities/et al. for the creative folks (and felines) who visit us. . . 

(hoping to receive editorial assistant(s) photos from Marianne Zlyk, Peggy Dugan French, Karen O'Leary, Jo, Karla Linn Merrifield, Patricia Carragan, Don Wentworth (does Don have a cat, I wonder?  'he should', states the Froster)
and many others. . .
yes! and,
I have an initial candidate! worthy assistant, what do you think of this 
friendly fellow, who lives with our 
Bard Valley buddy/editor and
versifying friend p l wick?

ok, alright, perhaps not a grand idea

a poem! we need poetry!
         poetry from Nola Obee!    Armstrong, British Columbia      

eighth decade
longer to turn the page
than to read the headlines

                                        two magpies herd
                                        a quail covey off the road
                                        no jay-walking

a fistful of black
feathers on the sidewalk
scant war news

yes, and we must have a poem from 
                Margaret L Campbell    Anderson, South Carolina

Before Goodbye

    I'm saving every
    memory - coins in a jar
    that I'll never spend.

from Karla Linn Merrifield,    Brockport, New York
a powerful self-portrait. . . 
                 Self-Portrait Gestalt


                 If she does not swirl
                 into fire,
                 she will be your 


wow. . . 
everyone, time for belly rubs and treats!

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                   

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

for Jo Balistreri

short poems/haiga/info/et al. for bear creek haiku's posts/print pub. usually arrive via postal, yet! what magic emerges by creating this post from the thrumming/humming of Frosty's (and my) email?  
An immediate post title/theme from the very first poem!. . .  
this post is dedicated to Jo Balistreri:

                      Fibonacci for Jo Balistreri

                      the pose
                      like a white-white rose
                      in the strokes of Botticelli.

for Jo Balistreri           Karla Linn Merrifield


haiga by Ron Moss, from 
Tasmania, composed around 
tanka of mine 
(first appearance in One Hundred Gourds) and, don'tcha just know, 
dedicated to -
Jo Balistreri!

here's two from the self-same
ms. Jo Balistreri!

     baby raccoons
     we startle each other

a single scarlet pentstemon
Anasazi ruins

                          ! a poem for Jo                      
                            from Liverpool's notorious 
                            dudearoonie, Ian Mullins. . . !

              turn the key
              watch the sun rise


above, for Jo,
from Ed Markowski!

Charlie Mehrhoff, mr scarecrow hisself, chooses this dedication!

             The Masterpiece 

Unlike most human artists, the Creator 
does not sign Her work.  

This so that humanity may come to know
it all as being

Her signature. 

 from everyone's friend, Peggy Dugan French, 
  editor of Shemom, for Jo!

                                 sugar plums
                                 dressed in pink
                                 the journey begins

heavens, here's Angelee Deodhar, Peggy Dugan French (and I) for Jo

my own wife, poet and partner, Judith Partin-Nielsen, 
dedicates this poem to J0

            Winter Woman
            skin of golden ash
            mystery of face
            abstracted in beauty
            loosened chignon of promise 
            graceful ellipses of waist, widening to 
            hips opening like
            the mouth of a river 
            giving birth to the world

and, this last one - Frosty's stating, no matter how many want to dedicate their poems to Jo, it's time for belly rubs and treats!

p l wick, dear friend/editor of Cheap Seats. . .  for Jo. . .

                                       let us doze together 
                                 and journey tomorrow 
                                 midst butterscotch pine

belly rubs, belly rubs and extra treats for all!

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                                     and Frosty

Don Wentworth's 'Yield to the Willow'. . .

Don Wentworth's latest poetry collection: 'Yield to the Willow'

more than loverly poetry - Don, as editor of print pub Lilliput Review, online at Issa's Untidy Hut (and) Wednesday Haiku, as friend - instrumental in my creating bear creek haiku, thus, this blog site, and, especially, Don as poet: have long emulated plagiarized his exceptionally creative short poem ingeniousness. . .

two of my favorites. . .

                              one noble truth leaf after leaf after leaf
hanging low
so beautiful
 the willow                                                        
  with the                                            

Charlie Mehrhoff, as always,
says it best. . .

'Today the short poem reveals the essence
of things as much or more than any art
form upon the planet. . . in every aspect,
Don is the master of the short poem.
Wield this book carefully for it is sharper
than a samurai sword.  Yield to the
willow, indeed!'

hiding in everything plain sight

     each more beautiful
        than the next

220 pages of Don's short poems!
$10 cash or check payable to Don Wentworth
(or via Paypal online) 
282 Main Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15201

see you in a moment

frosty and ayaz daryl nielsen

                           locust tree
                    gone from the bus stop
                        how much longer
                             the wait

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tama the stationmaster

a post from 
Frosty. . .

Tama, stationmaster 
at Kishi (western Japan) from 2007 until her passing a week ago at age 16

A stray who simply appeared, Tama possessed a spiritual panache as stationmaster that put health and heart into the local economy, and! had all travelers and wanderers she came into contact with feel good about themselves and those nearby.  
 During a Shinto ceremony by a gūji (chief priest) and a miko (priestess), attended by 3,000 humans and many stray cats, Tama was enshrined as a kami (sacred power).  
Just hearing about this has me feeling good.  Thanks, Frosty.

               One universe collides
                into another.

                Dust scatters.

                Calico fur 
                or clouds?

                does it matter?                                                                    poem by Charlie Mehrhoff                                 

                               home with groceries
                               the stray who snuck 
                               in behind us
                               for his supper

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                               and Frosty