Monday, June 22, 2015

news! new bear creek haiku address, and, newest issue, #127!

bear creek haiku has a new home!                                     
send your poetry and
correspondence to:

    bear creek haiku
    po box 596
    longmont  CO

and! two poets/poems from
the new issue of
bear creek haiku #127:
(mailed today)

early morning streets
two alone
a soft rain and I
                 michael l newell
                        reedsport orgeon

smiles, this'n's kindda cuddles - poem by normal. . .
                                                      saugerties  new york

               why buddhists don't kill bugs
               i am dedicated to all insects
               that call my name
               that keep me awake
               crawl on my face
               stick their feet in my stew

                they have not forgotten me
                never in life
                certainly not in death

                unlike perfect bliss
                they will remain

                they will be here
                to serve
                to praise
                to take my shit
                to eat my shit

                to let me know
                on no uncertain terms

                i shall never be alone.

Roses!, assistant editor Frosty insists - red roses for all the worthy poets in the 127th issue of bear creek haiku!:                                                  
sheree mancici brown,
patricia carragon, floyd
cheung, lysa collins,
michael conner, lone
crow, deborah h doolittle,
peggy dugan french,
james d fusion, joan marie
giusto, george held,
stephanie hiteshew, lois
batchelor howard, jeff
ingram, carl mayfield,
charlie mehrhoff, karla
linn merrifield, michael
l newell, normal, nola obee, karren o'leary, s l
peeran, james b peters,
teresinka pereira, toma rosen, t kilgore splake, jane stuart, tseten madison sun, p l wick, and, paula yup!

last (almost), collaboration with my friend Angelee Deodhar -

assistant editor Frosty says, enough!  Let's all get belly rubs!

        (yes, but, one last poem, from
        peggy dugan french)
                     cardiff, california

        New York Bound

        heading to the airport
        inching closer to you

        settled at last
        your hug around the corner

at last! from a friend i always delight in hearing from -
stephanie hiteshew
ellicott city, maryland


Over my head
so tall
the mountain.

ok, yes, Frosty, time for belly rubs. . .                        

                                          see you in a moment

                                          ayaz daryl nielsen


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