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'doing different these days': Ed Markowski, Brendan McBreen, Toma Rosen, Carl Mayfield, and, info

'doing different these days'
  poetic image - Ed Markowski

wishing on a black hole

before the ender of time
finds us
wishing we had more

before all dust
is returned
to its singular source

let us add
a few splashes of color
to the unfinishable canvas
of understanding

              brendan mcbreen
                   pacific  washington 


                     a river

                        in a dream

                        of un-kept 
                                in order
                                in reason

                        two deer

                        clash antlers
                                a doe 

                        I am
                                she sings


                                                                       poem - brendan mcbreen

and, from toma rosen                     
mt baldy zen center

sudden summer rain
scurry their small scurry
  across the walk
searching ground
  for drier meditation

  wine dark fingers
dogwood stretching
  up through snow

pale meadow hair
tangled with the first
of winter's 
   wind driven snow
                                             sapphire-blue sparks
                                             glint through
                                             gray-forest scrim

                                             morning's camp jays

assistant editor the froster states:
'what, clueless?  no cat poems?'  

ok, alright, Frost -

poem by Carl Mayfield
          rio rancho  new mexico. . .

                        A sleeping cat
                        No mice.
                        Unwritten words
                        Are soon lost.

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