Monday, May 18, 2015

Boulder Weekly needs our poetry!

‘Boulder Weekly - Boulder County’s Free Independent Magazine’, a 60+ page newspaper pub. with an innate ability to inform, stimulate and sometimes annoy, now has a poetry section. . .  Ted Kooser chooses occasional poems for some issues, yet, other issues (without Ted's input) include poetry that, well, umm, in other words, these folks, poetically, need our help.  Even if rejected, your finest poetry of 250 words or fewer, along with a one-sentence bio, to
may stimulate (what some perceive) as the underdeveloped poetry-perceiving neuronic ability of this necessary print presence in our local Colorado culture.

          and! this from assistant editor Frosty
          (and his assistant, Angelee Deodhar, Chandigarh, India)

see you in a moment 

ayaz daryl nielsen

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