Saturday, April 18, 2015

paula yup, p l wick, charlie mehrhoff, t kilgore splake! bear creek haiku #126!

bear creek haiku #126: yes, you're right, this may be the best collection of poems and poets yet to grace 48 pages - and! here are four of these selfsame poets. . . 



I had this poem but it flew away

                                  art and poem by Paula Yup

p l wick. . .

                                                     friend p l wick as a young pup            

and this, from Charlie Mehrhoff (wizened, truly impressive poet/bard), among the very best poems I have read. . .

                             Humanity never
                             hated itself
                             all this much.

                             We have just forgotten
                             and how
                             to reach

                             for those
                             words of love.
                             Leaving us

                             stranded here
                             with this language
                             of violence.

                             O poet!
                             you have your work.

red roses for all, poets and readers alike!

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

assistant editor Frosty

and let's have one more -

                          t kilgore splake. . .

                          cuppa regular

                          early morning

                          barista's small talk

                          italian coffee maker

                          strange growling sounds

                          hot steamy hiss

                          customers waiting

                          exotic caffeine mixtures

                          lattes expressos cappuccinos

                          make mind black

                          no cream or sugar

                          paper cup with lid

                          ready to go

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