Sunday, April 19, 2015

John Parson: 'In a New Garden' - from one of our finest haiku poets

   evening sun on the seat
                      never sat on

yes, must confess - united kingdom poet john parson creates haiku of a subtle depth and an enriching sparseness i too rarely am capable of, but! i've a copy of his latest haiku collection - In a New Garden - (i  promised a review months ago - apologies!). . .

     her love of tulips
          how they still grow 
                     in the vase

approximately 300 haiku created within the four seasons of a single year, mister john parson has an enviable poetic gift, and, fortunately, In a New Garden is his tenth published poetry collection. . .

checking the screen
       of his Kindle
            a lost booklouse
                                         at Buddha’s feet
                                             on a cushion of moss
                                                 the winged seed

from Alba Publishing
P O Box  266
UB9 5NX, United Kingdom

one could email john and connect with this very worthy poet - 

and/or, a postal exchange -
                                  John Parsons
                                  Lion House
                                  5 Unicorn Yard
                                  Norfolk    NR11 6AU
                                  U. K.

addendum. . .

at the bottom of bear creek haiku’s home (shoebox) which I hadn’t seen in some months (says considerable about the width and length of this individual's feet - ok, too much info) -
i've rediscovered four distinguished poetry collections - (one of which has been there two years). . .

so, four upcoming bear creek reviews (perhaps in one post) are of:

a favorite dude George Held’s 'Culling - New and Selected Nature Poems'. . .

            'So Below' by Noel Sloboda (shoe-boxed two years ago). . .

jani johre webster’s ‘from a distance’ (ms webster, deceased). . .

and, t kilgore splake’s ‘splakeus and lillies  a collection of story poetry’ (heavens, this one was released in 2009). . .

and, about the very next post - a must revisit to p l wick's Cheap Seats - the rowdy versifier's print publication continues gaining momentum/recognition (including Pushcart nominations?) - let's all be a part of it -  

so be it. . .

see you in a moment 

ayaz daryl nielsen                     

assistant ed. the froster states he had nothing to do with above
oversights. . .                                            


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