Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cheap Seats - an increasing poetic/publishing presence - let's participate!

Cheap Seats continues expanding 
it’s needed poetic presence, 
including, nominating 
poems for Pushcart awards.  
Considering a dearth of 
genuine small publishers and
their often exceptional poets 
within Pushcart’s mindset,
versifier/favorite dude p l
wick has my complete support 
(and, his success would be 
a strong incentive for other 
small press dudettes, dudes,
editors, publishers to so 
honor their own poets)

alright! - p l wick is devoting time, energy, neurons, and cojones (yipes) to this endeavor, supported by the 
original Alley Kat himself ( and we’ll support him (them) by sending Cheap Seats reams and bundles of our best poetry for consideration - some will appear in upcoming issues, and, hopefully!, some will be nominated for a Pushcart - also, it may keep p l wick, a rather rambunctious Colorado mountain man (and friend) from whatever other unique and nefarious endeavors he is all too capable of initiating. . .

send your poetry to a Ford Econoline van up on cinderblocks in a mountain meadow, following format:
5-7 poems (shorter poems work best), 81/2 x 11 white paper, one side only, single space, a 'normal' font (as opposed to what I am using here, although I love chalkduster), credits, if any, above name both accredits and name flush right one space below poetry, and, only a reasonable number of chewing tobacco stains. . . 
                                 Canyon Wren Press Ticket to Ride
                                P O Box 249
                                Empire  CO   80438-0249

and/or, engage mr wick via email in lively dialogue at:


Next! Send your poetry to fine friend Peggy Dugan French's 
print publication           Shemom
                              Peggy Dugan French
                              2486 Montgomery Ave.
                              Cardiff CA   92007
or, to

Now!  Whispers in the Wind
all types and sorts of fine online poetic happenings with ms karen o'leary -     
    online address - Whispers in the Wind  poetry  Karen O'Leary -
any questions, or if you need to send postal submissions, contact Karen at email address . . .

and!  bear creek haiku
       po box 3787
       boulder co  80307   usa
especially folks in countries other than the USA, send poetry to

. . especially want to share info from the van up on cinder blocks. .

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                      


Frosty states, roses,
roses for everyone!                  


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