Friday, April 17, 2015

bear creek haiku #126 - mehrhoff, o'leary, splake, pereira, p l wick, catlin, and, oh, my!

bear creek haiku #126, perhaps the best collection of poems and
poets yet to grace 48 pages - red roses for all! 

poets:  sharon anderson, jo balistreri, alan catlin (yes! also ed. misfit poetry pub), michael conner, good friends (as are all) angelee deodhar and peggy dugan french (shemom ed.), james d fusion, donald gaither, barbara garro, george held, kitsuné, charlie mehrhoff (welcome, scarecrow!), karla linn merrifield, fellow nurse normal, nola obee, karen o'leary (ed, 'whispers in the wind', also a nurse), robert o'rourke (eighty-eight years of age, still writing and teaching), s l peeran, teresinka pereira (lovely name), ol' friend james b peters, cathy porter, laura preston, dennis rhodes, gail rooke, toma rosen, g a scheinoha, renaissance dude rex sexton, jeff siggins, t kilgore splake (yuppers!), beloved Colorado buddy p l wick (ed. cheap seats), and, artist and poet, the inimitable paula yup!. . .

           moon hunter. . .

           looking for glimpses

           of meaning

                             poet karen o'leary


    Although the sun
   roils in flame
    and heat 
   so very far away
   it can feel
   the rose
   as she opens,
   every breath
   and petal.

   strong is love?
   poet charlie mehrhoff         


        Winter night,

        In bed, but can't sleep.

        Over the pillow wet with tears

        I dream of being

        the Morning Star.                    
                                                            poet teresinka pereira

             see you in a moment

             ayaz daryl nielsen 

assistant ed. the froster

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