Friday, March 20, 2015

Ndongolera C Mwangupili, Peggy Dugan French, Nola Obee, Kitunsé, Ali Znaidi

poems from bear creek haiku #125. . .  

because of the broad variety and beauty of poetry received,  have considered changing the name to bear creek poetry. . .  but!  bear creek haiku and I and all the poets published/to be published therein have been/will be 'dream teamers' for almost thirty (+) years, so!. . . not gonna do it -   dilemma resolved.  
                                                 Here we go:

ndongolera c mwangupili (mzuzu, malawi)

Birth, like bathing,
is always new;
being born, like breathing,
is constantly fresh.
We bath at our birth
and we begin to breathe.

Birth, bathing and beathing
are analogous yet diverse
and each day, which makes a year, is
our birth, our bathing and our breathing.

Mr. Mwangupili is Senior Inspector of Schools, NED (Northern Education Division) of Malawi - i have read his worthy poems in other stateside publications, including online at 'Whispers in the Wind - poetry - ed. Karen O"Leary' (send her your poetry): a genuine pleasure to see poets from Malawi recognized worldwide (and this gentleman is, of course, not the only Malawian poet deserving international accolades)  

Subway Tales

the 1 train
2 minutes away
crammed to perfection

Subway Tales, by 
Peggy Dugan French,
a good friend always
accepting poetry for her
print publication Shemom  by email ( 
     - or by postal -
2486 Montgomery Ave 
Cardiff, California  
USA  92007
                          yellow and brown leaves arrayed
                          on the creek's gray granite rocks
                          mark the turn of life's current
                          to cold dormancy

                          water divides around them
                          ready for the carapace
                          cells congealed and motion slowed
                          seasoned for absence

             poet Nola Obee  Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada

  The male cardinal
  In the maple
  Sings of spring 
  Wit-to, wit-to,
  Wit, wit, wit wit.
                     poet James Peters
                     (a favorite dude)
                           Cottontown, Tennessee


  old voyeur moon
  sees all my indiscretions
                     poet  Kitsuné (perhaps Mexico) 

and, will again present Ali Znaidi's poem from the cover of #125
*our prayers for the fine nation of Tunisia, and, we just know that      Tunisia and it's fine peoples will thrive. . . thrive. . . thrive*

a crow
on the windowsill
a pond of ink
                                              poet Ali Znaidi

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen           

and assistant editor the Froster 
sends his blessings


Sunday, March 1, 2015

bear creek haiku #125 - poets and friends worldwide

print publication bear creek haiku #125, poetry from Fargo to Malawi (and places between/beyond), these thirty-two fine writers/poets (soon to be in your mailbox):

jo balistreri, michael conner, candi cooper-towler, lone crow, angelee deodhar, peggy dugan french, james d fuson (with three new poetry collections soon to be released), george held, jim kacian, kitsuné, john constantine master, carl mayfield, karla linn merrifield, ndongolera c mwangupili (from Malawi), judith partin nielsen, nola obee, karen o’leary [her poetry site, Whispers in the Wind, is at 200,000(?+?) well-deserved ‘visits/interactions’], john parsons, james b peters (longtime friend), cathy porter, p c k prem, dennis rhodes, vivian bolland schroeder, rex sexton (the renaissance dude), t kilgore splake, jane stuart (no cell phone/internet, yet her fine poetry is worldwide), barbara tate, ‘uncle’, colorado mountain man/versifier p l wick, paula yup, irene zahava, and, on the cover, ali znaidi (tunisia)

here are five sample poems (assistant editor frosty insists no individual ‘best of’ because every poem is ‘best of’):

but, first! created by Angelee Deodhar, includes Peggy Dugan French - (via Karen O'Leary's online 'Whispers In The Wind'. . .

a crow
on the windowsill
a pond of ink                      cover by ali znaidi   gafsa, tunisia

last page, by karen o'leary                 fine lines
fargo, north dakota                            ribbons of wisdom. . .
                                          etched on her face


icy flowers fade 
last bees dislodge pollen                    
on the backs of mites

by john parsons   norfolk, united kingdom                                             

winter morning                               by irene zahava
waking from a flower dream               ithaca, new york
petals on my pillow

                   Der Blaue Reiter (Blue Rider)

                   Blues, oh so blue
                   bluesman, Blues Brothers
                   Blessed Virgin - blue -
                   blue wave, blue
                   dolphin riding - blue -
                   blue, Stevie Ray blue
                   guitar and blow that sax
                   jazz man bluesman,
                   blue, blue bluer than
                   that cold blue night
                   blue moon, blue Miles
                   blowing that blue Bitches
                   Brew, Kind of Blue, blue
                   rain, Blue Note - blue trumpet
                   blowing blue, blue
                   and so gone, gone and
                   blue blown blues away
                                                                by judith partin nielsen

and one more, by barbara tate          unburdened
                                  at the bottom of the canyon
                                  the mule yawns

see you in a moment 

ayaz daryl nielsen              



                                                assistant editor,