Sunday, January 18, 2015

haku mele: divine winds of divine voice - some of 2014 's Kuaihelani-inspired writers/books/publishers

Wild scud the clouds, hurled by the tempest 
tale-bearing winds 
that gossip afar                         

Polynesia: poets, composers, dancers are ‘haku mele’: mele, 'divinity chosen/divinely inspired' - haku (so similar to haiku) 'sharing words, songs, dances' -   
                           Kuaihelani (divine sources manifesting as a floating island) extends over oceans and landforms (poets, composers, dancers experience/will continue to experience Kuaihelani as it drifts through their creativity) - 
    Kuaihelani's ‘wind of divine voices’ (haku mele!) is - songs, myths, fairy tales, legends, traditions, news, gossip, lullabies, and, especially, poetry!*
[*info garnished (rather untarnished) from  Voices on the Wind  Polynesian Myths and Chants  by Katharine Luomala - Bishop Museum Press]

So! Here are mele haku books (and pdf's) that blessed the desk (and website) of bear creek haiku in 2014:  

Neighbors  The Yard Critters  too  
poems by George Held
                                         illustrations, in collage, 
                                         by Joung Un Kim
                                         from Filsinger & Company, Ltd.
longtime friend and poet George Held and artist Joung Un Kim's 'Neighbors  The Yard Critters Too', second in a series of three children's books - also, among recent endeavors, is this fine collection of poetry -
                                                        POETS WEAR PRADA                                   
                                                        C/O Roxanne Hoffman
                                                        533 Bloomfield Street - 2nd Floor
                                                        Hoboken, NJ 07030

                                       poesie/poems by Jane Stuart
                                       tradotte da/translated by
                                       Giovanni Campisi
                                       from Edizioni Universum
this lady, from Greenup, Kentucky, is beyond remarkable - Jane's lovely poetry appears all around the world (she doesn't use web, phone or computer): she states, 'I was asked if I wanted a cell phone, and I said no - I thought they meant jail'

      I                                 poems by Dennis Rhodes
                                        from Chelsea Station Editions
a strong, 'searing' (swiped from the back cover 'cause it’s so often suitable), compassionate and endearing poetry collection from one of our finest

Donna Summer!                      
Haiku by Ali Znaidi
(Redeyef, Tunisia)               from Fowlpox Press (Canada)
                                    layout and design by Paul E Valente   Ali Znaidi’s blog about Tunisian literature is:                                       
from Tunisia, through Canada, to us - awesome.

James Fuson's      Twenty Years:  Reflections of an Empty Sky
Soft Sculpture Press
11627 Klinger Street
Hamtramck  Michigan  48212
heartbreaking haiku from Fuson, a teenager sentenced to life in prison - I, ayaz daryl nielsen, pray this poetry collection helps with the healing of many deep/brutal scars - (this is poetry emotionally deeper than anything of mine) 
                                  . .

(will continue below this photo and poem)

                                 (photo, Judith Partin-Nielsen/poem, Sean Lause)

love You More Than Anything
(a beautemous postal arrival on February 14th, 2014)
Anna Harber Freeman (illustrations by Jed Henry) - within children's books, no matter our supposed age, we feel so much better about all our immediate moments -

a Sterling Children's Book 
ISBN 978-1-4549-0021-4                              

and, next! - JACOBKU  Poetry From the Heartland
(Cottontown, Tennessee)
poetry of James B Peters (xeroxed by grandchildren). . .
extensive numbers of fine poets share their poetry with family and friends without the neediness of publication/public recognition - James Peters is among our finest unknown poets - if interested, will share his postal address (or, visit prior blog post). . .

illustrations - Alec Formatin Shirley . . . forward/editing Vincent Tripi (kindda jealous of this guy)
a letterpress limited edition from Lily Pool Press (imprint of Swamp Press)
as exquisite as David Rosen's poetry is the physical presence of this book as created by 
Ed Meissner                              (
'digital designer - hot metal type casting in house, 
Monotype casters, die cut on a Heidelberg letterpress, books sewn on 
a Smyth book sewer, and the binding by hand'
(research was required for me to grasp the labor, dedication, <love> that went into making this book - Ed Meissner's creations are collected by rare book rooms all around the world)
David H Rosen  Clouds and More Clouds
there's much more to this rare and worthy poetic/artistic endeavor, it is available from David Rosen for $24.95 postpaid

Miriam Sagan has 60 of her haiku (a celebration of this remarkable poet's 60th birthday) in a limited edition book (100 copies) titled       
                     ALL MY BEAUTIFUL FAILURES

                                               you tell me these ducks
                                                don't always mate for life
                                                are you flirting with me? 

footprints in snow
crescent moon, all my
beautiful failures

birthday blessing from Miriam Sagan was receiving copy #35 - and! have been inspired to gather my 'beautiful failures' into a limited birthday edition, but, was not able to move beyond the age of three (alright, ok, it was two). . .
may we all have the extreme good fortune of failing as beautifully as has Ms Sagan
          Miriam's Well    ( . .

     most favorite dudearoonie Carl Mayfield's recent chapbook 
                 Modest Proposal Chapbooks (#24)
                       an imprint of Lilliput Review
                       Pittsburg's Don Wentworth, including:

Blank Look #186
                                     hearing the finches
                                     singing at first light
                                     means we've come
                                     through, too

Wife's knees
   spooned into mine. . . .
sound of the house doing nothing

ok, Frosty, you have to stop me!  


soon, let's move into 2015's best 'divined resources' that we can!

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen