Tuesday, December 22, 2015

for the blessing of poetry

      Go out to where you must,
      to what fields of this green earth 
      and blue.
      Become so complete with your stillness
      as to witness the symphony  
      of the tall grass as she undulates
      with the butterfly’s wing beat.

      Exit this world of words
      and symbol strewn madness.

      Know your heartbeat
      to be 
      the song.                              Charlie Mehrhoff

ass't. ed.s Frosty and Tama, saying, 'this post was fun!
       Someday soon, let's sing with the toads!'

from bear creek to you, from Tama, Frosty, Judith and I, the biggest blessings we can possibly send - peaceful joys for all of us this holiday season!

see you in a moment (and a new year)

a. daryl nielsen 


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Don Wentworth online_Wednesday Haiku, Issa's Untidy Hut, et al.

Don Wentworth - master/creator of two+ of our finest online sites 'Wednesday Haiku', and, 'Issa's Untidy Hut' - yes, we must visit/interact/submit to 'em:


(ass't. ed. Tama states 
'I've been a fan of Don W for decades')

Don supported and encouraged creation of my print pub. 
bear creek haiku
in the early nineties, and, have copied the format of his print pub. Lilliput Review [complete with The Modest Proposal Chapbook Series (let's submit to all)]

two of Don's published poetry collections are my poetically most inspiring/plagiarized:

'Yield to the Willow', and, 'Past All Traps' 

here's a big swig from the hot coffee mug to Don and the remarkable extent of his creative endeavors!

'treats!'  ass't. ed. Frosty insists, 'treats and a belly rub for Don!'
well, umm, Frosty, how about 
just a few treats. . .

                                                   a. daryl nielsen

see you in a moment


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cold Mountain, alan catlin, and p l wick

                                 versifier p l wick  empire colorado


                                  alan catlin     schenectady  new york

ass't. ed. tama states, 'this is a very cold day, and I'm so glad we have these poets and their poems and we know cold mountain!' 

ass't. ed. the Froster states, 'cold mountain, and treats!    treats for everyone!'

       yes, beloved ass't. ed's., one more, and then, treats for everyone!

                                                       a. daryl nielsen

see you in a moment


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

poems for Igor

Thanksgiving turkeys receiving pardons as Judith, Frosty, Tama state: 'we (this means you, Daryl) will pardon Igor the pig, and find him a loving home. . .'

Well, I (umm, we) did 

Having sought a home of mudholes, mudmates and caring humans for ginormous, overly affectionate hog-dude buddy Igor. . . 

Igor now roams/wallows on a nearby organic farm owned by a couple who, we've realized, are blood-cousins via the Nebraska Sand Hills: relatives through the town of Purdum  (pop. 6, inaccessible during winter) with a cemetery where our related grandparents (among many more) are buried

Igor, I owe you much more than a home with new-found blood -
I owe you poetry.

These, from some of the dearest, for you, Igor. . .

                                    The only thing
                                    that travels faster
                                    than the speed of light

                                    is a smile.

                                                               Dennis Rhodes
                                                      Naples Florida

ass't. ed. Tama states,

'you know, thinking about
Igor just makes 
me feel good'

He has turned old in the saddle -
The poet on his
Eternal journey.
                                          Ajša Zahirović

                                          Bosnia and Herzegovina

      The sun rises in my heart, I call it love.  
      Every leaf of me.

Give life to two birds with no stone.
                                    Charlie Mehrhoff
                                       'nuff said

True Spirit - Genuine Love.  

True artists living in good spirits 
Undeterred by royalty, pomp and show
Act as genuine messengers of peace
Fly in their own realm of consciousness.

Kingship squeezes creativity and love.
All their men and horses display splendour.
Devoid of grace, beauty and blessings
The spirit of heaven, pure and sublime
In all its sincerity and loveliness 
Embraces poor sweet sacred hearts
To release them from chains, clutches, shackles
Of desires and sins, glare and attention.

Love and sacrifice, sincerity and humility
Creates its own heavenly wonder for worship.

                                                  Bengaluru   India  

from ass't. ed. Frosty -
"feeling this good 
about Igor, the only next best 
thing must be treats
and belly rubs. . ."

I agree, Froster, and, let's embrace three more, then, treats! treats and belly rubs for all!

   falling leaves...
                               she cups her hands
                                              Jo Balistreri
                                              Genesee  Wisconsin

Poetry Everywhere
                                   for Courtney Love

"I wrote poetry everywhere
on the walls, on his shirt
I wrote poetry everywhere"                                       at night on the sheets in our bed
in my sleep in my dreams
I wrote poetry everywhere
on my face the war paint
(stirring up all kinds of trouble)
I wrote poetry on the table cloth
in Jax's Fish House
a haiku surrounded by wine
glasses, white napkins, red brick
walls, green fish - tiny dots of
blue light hanging from the 
ceiling - Nick Forrester eating sushi
at the next table
I wrote poetry everywhere
I wrote poetry in books
that didn't belong to me, past due,
checked in, checked out,
on posters at the coffee 
house, poetry notes on golden 
peeling bathroom mirrors
surprise tanka on the
toilet seat
I wrote poetry everywhere
I wrote poetry on the stairs
seven steps to the landing
turn left.  Six more to your room.
Listening to the blues, Muddy Waters
wailing, sitting on the floor
eating dates, drinking white wine.
I wrote poetry everywhere.
You made a pass, I didn't notice
better to keep writing poetry
Flat on my face, flat on my
ass, flat on my back
just keep writing 
poetry everywhere

                                        Judith Partin Nielsen
                                        Longmont  Colorado

wow. . .   
treats! treats and belly rubs for all! 

see you in a moment

a. daryl nielsen


Monday, November 16, 2015

Peggy Dugan French (and!) Jo Balistreri

this crossroad
a painful one
in spite of it all
the solid road behind us
will pave the one ahead         

    late night storm   
    rumbled into town
    the crickets sang harmony
    with the dancing rain
    a perfect oak outside the window
    sashayed with the whistling wind
    Miles Davis swirled about
    watched the show unfold
    feet up, glass in hand
    toasting a brand new day              peggy dugan french

hills steeped
in the last rays of sun
a red-tailed hawk

                                    up late  the moon in our merlot

                 falling leaves...
                 she cups her hands                       jo balistreri

 my two favorite poets! 
greetings, jo, and you, too, peggy!    

                                           see you in a moment


         hugs, belly rubs and treats!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

bear creek haiku #130, and, a fool for sunrise!

bear creek haiku #130 is

sharon anderson   hopwood  pennsylvania   
heitor almeida araujo   villa mon logis  france 
                           translated by teresinka pereira
patricia carragon   brooklyn  new york 
alan catlin   schenectady  new york
lysa collins   white rock  british columbia
lone crow   fort collins  colorado
nancy l dahl   ypsilanti  michigan
robert edwards   kirkland  washington
chase and chris faiers   marmora  ontario 
joanna haymart  (10 years old)   cottontown  tennessee          
                                      granddaughter of james b peters
stephanie hiteshew   ellicott city  maryland
kitsuné   somewhere in nepal
dorothy mclaughlin   somerset  new jersey
charlie mehrhoff   oakland  maine
karla linn merrifield   brockport  new york
karen o’leary   west fargo  north dakota
syed liaquath peeran   bangalore (bangaluru)  india
andré peragallo   vernevil  france
                                   translated by teresinka pereira
teresinka pereira   toledo  ohio
james b peters   cottontown  tennessee
dennis rhodes   naples  florida
toma rosen   mt baldy zen center  california
dennis saleh   seaside  california
g a scheinoha   eden  wisconsin
rex sexton   philadelphia  pennsylvania
vivian bolland schroeder   humble  texas
t kilgore splake   calumet  michigan
brian k turner   fullerton  california
p l wick   empire  colorado 
yates young   palm coast  florida
paula yup   spokane  washington
ajsa zahirovic   sarajevo  bosnia and herzegovina 

send your poetry to: 
(from outside the U. S., email may be best)

bear creek haiku
PO Box 596                                    editor:  ayaz daryl nielsen                           
Longmont Colorado                        ass’t. ed’s:  Frosty and Tama
80502                                              darylayaz@me.com (or)                                       
USA                                                 darylayaz@gmail.com    

online at:  bear creek haiku  poetry, poems and info

Four poems from bear creek haiku #130 (soon to enter your mailbox). . .

backwater winter

pewter grey sky

blue jay flitting

long white 

blizzard                                           t kilgore splake

      On the mountain
The sound of the growing pine
     Disturbs the silence                          ajsa zahirovic

ajsa and teresinka in Sarajevo. . .  

teresinka periera’s email is: tpereira@buckeye-express.com
(our thank you's for teresinka’s translations/poetry/all else, and! 
if you so choose, contact her)

Zen on a park bench
I am no different than
the trees or bushes                           patricia carragon        

You cannot write poetry
unless you know the letters;

and only
the letters will ever

allow you

to weave the sky
out of thin air.                               charlie mehrhoff

and now, ass't. ed's, what time do you think it is?

Frosty - "time for treats and belly rubs!"

Tama - "time for hugs and kisses from
        Jo Balistreri"

Thelma and Callie -
"treats and tummies!"

Sam -
"tummy rubs and treats!"

Savannah - "belly rubs, treats and goodbye's!"

ok, it's belly rubs, treats, and tomorrow, poetry with a warm and caring sunrise for all!

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen