Sunday, October 26, 2014

'NEIGHBORS The Yard Critters Too' George Held and Joung Un Kim

This welcome opportunity to review a lovely children's book! ('ages 3-11, and above': yes, a must-read for you and I, also)

a longtime friend, poet         George Held,
with artist Joung Un Kim,         have given us 'Neighbors  The Yard Critters Too', second in a series of three children's books -
randomly opening this book, poem and picture were perfect

        'All the time
chanting the name of god,
   sweet sparrows singing'
(poem from Don Wentworth's
     'Past All Traps')

Christ, alone on the Mount of Olives, moments of anguish just before his crucifixion - "I watch, and am as a sparrow alone on the house top". . . 

First book in this series - 
second, as above, is NEIGHBORS TOO
and, third, to be published in January 2015, is
We should have all three on our most favorite bookshelf. . .  

lovely, and with lovely reviews from many reliable sources.  For you, for me, and for our children.

(Filsinger & Company, Ltd., 288 W 12th St, (Apt. 2R), New York, 
New York  10014)
ISBN:  978-0-916754-26-6

see you in a moment - 

ayaz daryl nielsen                

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