Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cheap Seats - from a van up on blocks, a fine, worthy new print poetry publication!

apologies, accidentally deleted post (bummer) - a quick synopsis -

Cheap Seats issue one is here, it's excellent!   - a list of the poets -

and a few sample poems - (any fuzzy quality is I, Frosty and our computer)
 Frosty says of it all. . .    homeow . . . 

sample poems from first issue of Cheap Seats via -                                                     

"a little radio
falls to the floor—
a deep sigh"

      James D. Fuson
      New Haven, MI
  …  …  …

"acceptable losses—
to catch a moth
you have to break a few

            Candi Cooper-Towler
              Longmont, CO
     …  …  …

"Ninety-three degrees
Shadow of a butterfly
Sails into mesquite shade"

               Cynthia Sidrane
                Phoenix, AZ
     …  …  …

  "Worth checking out; a unique publication in which to be seen!"

send Cheap Seats your finest, they're seeking poetry for the next 100 issues!

see you in a moment -

ayaz daryl nielsen                        

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