Thursday, October 16, 2014

bear creek haiku: submit poetry

bear creek haiku is:

4 sheets of 8.5" by 14" blue paper, stacked, cut in thirds the long way, fold in the middle, two blue staples along the fold (4 sheets = 48 pages of poetry).

Poets names are listed on the first 4 pages (also hometown and state or country) - this, an uninterrupted flow through a diverse and healthy variety of poetics.

Poetry for consideration is mailed to:

'bear creek haiku'
po box 596
Longmont CO  80502

with an SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope).  The SASE is used to mail the issue accepted poems are in to the poet - no poetry accepted? all are returned in the SASE, and! if one or more poems are accepted, the remaining poems are shredded (with dignity).
For a free issue, send an SASE.

many of my long-time poets don't/won't use computers, yet, how far-flung and diverse their published venues!
an example - Jane Stuart, of Greenup, Kentucky, has often had her poetry in Italian anthologies.  Jane once stated 'thank you, no, I don't want a cell phone (I thought they meant a jail cell)'

creek haiku haiku accepts poetry via email (encouraged of poets from other countries), stateside (USA) preference is postal submissions, but, email also ok -

  hint - the more poems sent, the more that may be published -
  second hint - worthy poems can be sent to several publishing venues in hopes of several acceptances (isn't the opinion of all editors)
  third hint - bear creek haiku is far enough off most online and postal grids that poetry accepted here should seek other fine homes.

selected poem(s) are snipped from the page they arrive on (I appreciate how poet's choose to present poetry, including chosen font/hand-written/even some misspellings) - scotch-taped, perhaps a bit of 'artwork' - finally, the abuse of whatever xerox equipment unsuspecting victims allow access to. Stapled.

Poems submitted can be diverse:
include haiku/senryu/tanka/haiga/shorties/artwork/etc. that will fit on a page - usually, an 11 line limit 

assistant editor Frosty 

mailing address is:

bear creek haiku
po box 596
longmont co  80502

      email -, or,

      blogspot - bear creek haiku  poetry, poems and info

above poem by Peggy Dugan French, editor of Shemom, from the cover of bch issue #117 - poetry for print pub Shemom to:

Shemom, ed. Peggy Dugan French
2486 Montgomery Ave
Cardiff California
92007                                   or, to:

also!  poetry for consideration to:

Cheap Seats Ticket to Ride
Canyon Wren Press
PO Box 249
Empire CO  80438-0249       p l wick -
(email editor, 'the bard of empire valley', with sundry/mischievous philosophical/poetic thoughts/questions)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                         

without quite-some-time-ago (25+ years) encouragement from Don Wentworth, Denver Stull and Giovanni Malito, bear creek haiku wouldn't exist - heartfelt memories/appreciation)

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