Sunday, September 7, 2014

homes for poems - gracious places and editors

- an international poetry site, among the best we have, is: 
Whispers in the Wind 
editor Karen O'Leary and her remarkable quality/daily publishing endeavors, includes collaborative poetry between poets worldwide (wonder why I took so long to discover it) - and, her genuine excitement as 'new' poets submit their poetry: 

We have a world wide audience. If you are currently reading Whispers, please consider submitting a poem for consideration. You may contact Karen at for guidelines. Thank you.
So much poetic 'doing' at Karen O'Leary's site!  Yes, you must check it out. 

Cattails has a new submission address, best to visit (The United Haiku and Tanka Society) and review guidelines -       appreciates more 'traditional' tanka and haiku, 'no need to reinvent the forms' 

Dead Snakes  'another day at the office' - 
yes, a photo of dead snakes, but/and, ed. Stephen Willliams publishes monthly, includes new poets (recently discovered this site, wish I had a long time ago) and always poetry from our finest poets (Alan Catlin, et al.) - haiku/tanka and various diverse formats welcomed -

Submission Guidelines
Send in the body of an email up to 3 poems of poison and sweetness to

No simultaneous submissions. Reprints are okay, but we must know when and where your poem was first published.

No attachments. A brief bio is appreciated. The subject line should read: Dead Snakes/(your name).

Rights revert to authors upon publication.

Editor- Stephen Jarrell Williams

and! keep poetry flowing to Cheap Seats, Shemom, and, bear creek haiku!  (see guidelines below, contact editors/establish friendly bonds). . .
well, why not keep your poetry flowing to everyone listed below - if you so chose, let me know just who/what/where I have missed, which is the vast loverly majority - yes, we shall love, nourish and publish our poetry!  

brass bell: a haiku journal. . .  Zee Zahava is the cool editor/individual ( of a new international online journal - peruse the site, and, request future email notifications of upcoming haiku themes, send yours for consideration - (recent issue was one-line haiku)

The Whirlwind Review. . .  gracious editor Jill Jepson, author of ‘Writing As a Sacred Path’ - poetry/haiku ‘focusing on spiritual life, broadly defined’ - currently seeking submissions (pays $10 for accepted poetry) - online forum, submission guidelines, payment policies, upcoming themes

Kind of a Hurricane Press. . .  ed. A J Huffman, wanting to ‘do it all’ poetically, and, is succeeding! -  plethora of activities includes High Coupe (5-7-5 syllable haiku/senryu), Jellyfish Whispers, Pyrokinection, Mind[less] Muse, themed anthologies, ‘best of’ anthologies, book (poetry) reviews (currently seeking reviewers), obtain print copies of anthologies and ‘best of’ collections, and, much more - ed. Huffman, co-editor April Salazno, ‘seeking submissions of all sorts’ 

Cheap Seats, Canyon Wren Press. . .  new print poetry publication from versifier (friend) p l wick and - yes, a new print pub!  hosannahs!  Send letter with SASE for guidelines to - 
Cheap Seats/
c/o p l wick at Canyon Wren Press
P O Box 249
Empire CO  80438-0249
or, visit this site’s recent post about Cheap Seats
or/and, just email p l wick at - engage in lively online dialogue and express your excitement about this fledgeling publication! (Cheap Seats office, a Ford van without tires up on blocks - sweet)

below, more poetry pubs (lions, tigers, and marmots, oh, my!) with the expectation/conviction your poem/poetry will find its/their worthy home(s), the amrita for writer/poet bare bone work(wo)manship - 

first, this from dear friend Angelee Deodhar (have been meaning to do a post about this fascinating international poet for months, but, simply haven’t gotten there yet)  Dr Deodhar’s haiga graciously includes my poem -

 Lyrical Passion Poetry E-Zine - just go to their unique/lovely site, read a few poems and the guidelines for Japanese short form poetry, and/or prose/free verse/rhyming poetry, and/or micro-fiction, they’ve all sorts of international poetic endeavors underway - currently open to submissions  - founder/managing editor is R D Bailey, appreciate my interactions with this gentleman

Shamrock  Haiku Journal of the Irish Haiku Society. . .  one simply appreciates Shamrock, an international online publication, with print anthologies also available (the most recent issue includes translations of two Ukranian poets) - edited by Anatoly Kudryavitsky (with his own remarkable background) - so! off you go to an affable revamped site of international haiku/senryu including submission guidelines/timeframes - here’s a scootch of me: the Irish Haiku Society’s international membership voted one of my senryu best of year for 2010 and another of my senryu best of year for 2012: unexpected and deeply appreciated honors

Writers & Lovers Cafe! - We like haiku, senryu, tanka, and all types of short, Japan-derived or French-imagist poems.   We enjoy flash, skinny fiction, and 55-word novels, we dig visual art of all types.   We consider mini-book reviews and essays” - holy Ford van on blocks, this site has really evolved technically/otherwhos, and, print copies are also available - once at this extensive site, go to ‘writers and lovers cafe’ for poetry - email submissions to - editors are Tad Israel Wojnicki and Iyza J Caberra (Mr Wojnicki with a picture of his newborn) 

Boston Literary Magazine. . .  check timeframe of when to send poetry (not listed with submissions, and, if you send any other time, will receive a curt/prefab rebuff) - with that managed, you are with haiku editor Robin Stratton, also editor-in-chief, a warm person who obviously loves her haiku/poetic editorial endeavors - quality haiku other than staid 5-7-5 preferred, but, not a firm requirement - a likable site, much broader than just haiku/senryu, has print copies available, book reviews, et al.

Eye on Life Magazine. . .  ed. Tom Rubenoff, also a fine poet (his poetry has a home in bear creek haiku) - publishes up to five poems a week, submissions continually open, go to (it’s obvious) Poetry Unlocked for published poems, and, for submissions, go to - Submissions!  Have had quality online/poetic interactions with this gentleman, also

Shemom. . .  print pub., ed. Peggy Dugan French (am pleased to know her as ‘friend’) - sub’s with SASE to 
Peggy French   
2486 Montgomery Ave  Cardiff  CA  92007
(personal favorite) 

Cattails. . .  from UHTS, The United Haiku and Tanka Society - international society of poets with representatives in almost every country of the world, submissions to  A complex site one has to visit and then learn one’s way around, here’s two reasons why we all should so do - first, Cattails is a quality haiku/tanka pub, second, an’ya, principal editor, a caring dynamo (has worked hard at improving a few of my submitted haiku) ok, third reason, co-founder Michael Rehling writes chivalrous, nourishing book reviews, including uplifting reviews of two of mine, ‘tumbleweeds still tumbling’ and an anthology ‘The Poets of Bear Creek’ (I will do another end of year anthology ‘poets of bear creek 2013-14’), alright, fourth and last reason!  much more than can be listed here, an example, membership is free, and, take a moment to send an’ya a brief, cheerful note (same email as above)

have got to stop here, this post is slipping beyond me -

you must know about Lilliput Review and its print publishing endeavors, and, Issa’s Untidy Hut, and Wed. haiku (all form Don Wentworth, always the usual worthy suspect) -
and Barbaric Yawp and BoneWorld Publishing, ed John Berbrich, takes awhile to respond, but love ‘em anyway  - - submissions. . .  my respect for their handling huge volumes of incoming info - they update twice a month (?), I visit there once a month or so and submit poetry to likely victims (30 or more over some years), two acceptances, but, two fascinating acceptances, one the upcoming San Francisco Peace and Hope inaugural print publication - send ‘em some love
also received a couple of nasty responses, right up there with the well-known editor, long since deceased, bless him, who stated ‘your poetry wouldn’t work on bathroom walls‘ (actually, some of my poems have worked quite well on those walls)   

Frosty, stop me!

one last online site - -ISteve Ausherman - ‘I am a poet, photographer, potter, painter and high school fine arts instructor. In love with my wife. Loves to travel. Loves to read. Can't sit still. Needs nature to balance the insanity of life. Music lover. Cat lover’  Picture of two aunts, of an occasional handmade card - a certain relaxing decentness therein (a bear creek haiku contributor)

will do this again soon, expanding upon above - but, ayaz daryl, quit! stop! (for now) - note:  mistakes, misspellings, and all somesuches can be attributed to versifier p l wick and/or peggy dugan french

see you in a moment 

ayaz daryl nielsen