Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Canyon Wren project Cheap Seats

update on the Canyon Wren project: Cheap Seats

from p l wick - 

The Canyon Wren project which you graciously hint at is Cheap Seats: intended as an intimate, contributor driven, moderately edited (draconian “editors” we is not) informal print publication—“informal,” thus the “cheap” part.

Cheap Seats: still in the development and viability stages, but any interested writer/contributors sending an SASE will be provided with our guidelines—and whatever misc. detritus we may not want to curb-recycle at the time. Your curiosity will help us determine our demographic size and interest level. See you at:
Cheap Seats
c/o p.l. wick @ Canyon Wren Press
P.O. Box 249
Empire, CO 80438-0249

and a Litter Bit more. . .


originals in creativeness and street/ocean/mountain smarty loverliness, this is gonna be fun, and we can be an important part -
so, you know, you otter contact 'em - (otters are totally Lebowski)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                               darylayaz@me.com

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