Sunday, June 29, 2014

Canyon Wren Press - versifier p l wick

a high country press very few, unfortunately, have heard of, from  
p l wick (most favorite versifier - my creativity should be as broad and vigorous). . . 
Canyon Wren Press is in a gestative period with the possibility of you and I sharing poetic endeavors and dreams with 'the bard of empire valley', a mountain (of a) man with a strong/award-winning publishing background -

*forewarning - definite possibility of wild poetic rides down the far sides of remote and inspiring peaks (known only to such as Han Shan and p l wick)*

and, here are litter bits from p l wick and sensei toma rosen. . .

now could be a good time 
to contact mister p l wick 
about future dynamics -

'bits of litter' dedication -

'In Memory of Uncle' 
(Sensei Toma Rosen)
1939 - 2013' 

see you in a moment 

ayaz daryl nielsen