Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lalitamba - a worthy-hearted, generous international poetry journal

Lalitamba, a worthy-hearted, generous publication, a remarkable capacity for strong, so-readable poets and poetry (and, wow! just look at the covers!)

 'a journal of international 
writings for liberation, 
inspired by 
devotional song, "Lalitamba, Lalitamba" - (sung on a 
pilgrimage through India) - 
the name Divine Mother, 
jagado dharini, 
'one who supports the universe' 

'a nonprofit organization serving the homeless, recovering addicts, and prison inmates, in partnership with Refuge, a holistic shelter serving the homeless in New York'

and, generous! If a poem(s) is/are accepted by Lalitamba, eventually two lovely copies of that issue arrive in one's mailbox - an expensive endeavor, a generous blessing from them to their
poets -

 Dr Edward Bruce Bynum,
 Lyn Lifshin,
 Elisavietta Ritchie,
 (a stinkerish oversight
 who goes by
 ayaz daryl nielsen),
 Daniel Ladinsky,
 (yes, that D Ladinsky),
 Sumalee Mahanarongchai,
 John Grey,
 poets published for 
 the first time,
 a fellow on death row,
 and so many more

and, of course, poetry! (including haiku)

       The clouds sweep off; hills,
       valleys, tinged with green; a wind
       follows the wooded stream

                       Like a hollowed-out
                       mossed log, the wind's raw throat; rain
                       spots the rotted bark
                                                        two by Rebecca Lilly

the first five lines of   Awakening   by Jane Galin

You awaken in the night to another darkness,
the older one that rivers travel, 
quiet and uncrowded,
and you know that after all the many years,
your failures have abandoned you.

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                    

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