Monday, March 31, 2014

bear creek haiku (submit poetry for consideration)

cover of bch #116 

Blank Look #244

                                One year from now
                                It will still be now.            (Carl Mayfield)

last page of bch #116

Blank Look #245

                               Still now.                (also Carl Mayfield)

poem from page 9 of bch # 116 by e p fisher-

                   At the garden gate 
                   The grapevine climbs the fence-post
                   And the deer stands still.

bear creek haiku is 4 sheets of 8.5" x 14" blue paper, stacked, cut in third's the long way, again stacked, folded in the middle with two blue staples along the fold (4 sheets of blue paper = 48 pages).

Poet's names are not on pages (page numbers are), poets are listed on the first 4 pages with hometown and state or country.

Poetry for consideration is mailed with an SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope).  SASE is used to mail poet's copy - if no poetry is accepted, all are mailed back to the poet in the SASE, if one or more poems are accepted, the remaining poems are shredded (with great dignity).

6-8 issues a year. . .  email submissions encouraged from poets of other counties (and, of course, from poets who don't use computers).  Stateside (USA) preference is postal submissions with SASE and
postal mailing address.

An accepted poem can have almost any form, but must fit on the page - usually, an 11 to 13 line limit.

assistant editor Frosty 

               mailing address is:

               bear creek haiku
               po box 596
               longmont co  80502

email is:

        blog site:  bear creek haiku   poetry, poems and info

                by Peggy Dugan French, cover of issue #117

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

without the long-ago encouragement of Don Wentworth, Denver Stull and Giovanni Malito, bear creek haiku wouldn't exist... heartfelt memories and appreciation

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