Sunday, February 9, 2014

'Love You More Than Anything' by Anna Freeman, illustrations by Jed Henry

- how wonderful, this lovely children's book arrives 
                                             just before Valentine's Day -

by Anna Harber Freeman, illustrations by Jed Henry - within children's books, no matter our supposed age, we feel better about 
our immediate moments - 
poetry of and illustrations from the heart:
                                      tickle, pickle, munch and crunch
                                         love you more than picnic lunch
Scribble, dribble, draw and talk.
  Love you more than 
  sidewalk chalk

again, a lovely book, a Sterling Children's Book 
ISBN 978-1-4549-0021-4 created by what has to be
lovely people

my own bookshelves have children's books, and, briefly, here are two favorites (found on either side of The Tale of Genji) -

HERSHEL and the HANUKKAH GOBLINS  by Eric Kimmel
illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman 
Hershel is a fellow I really want to meet - below, Hershel and the king of fierce goblins -
and, the loveliness of Trina Hyman's children (probably a main reason Hershel confronted and defeated unnecessary goblinish nastinesses)

                     and, on the other side of Genji's Tale -  
                     Dulac's Fairy Tale Illustrations
                     selected and edited 
                     by Jeff A Menges

plate 23, from "The Snow Queen", 
The reindeer did not dare to stop.  It ran on till it came to 
    the bush with the red berries.  There it put Gerda down, 
      and kissed her on the mouth, while big shining tears
                      trickled down its face.

see you in a moment                                             

ayaz daryl nielsen                

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