Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jacobeku Haiku From The Heartland (Cottontown, Tennessee)

haiku Cottontown, Bell Buckle, Kellogg, Dumfries and all the multifarious (and loverly) poetic heartland homes. . .

Through the year's seasons
I see sunshine, rain, and snow
Just knowing---I know.

                                      So calloused
                                      Hold a tiny child
                                      Small fingers
                                      Reach for the world.

an extensive number of poets, a very few of whose correspondence somehow (gratefully) seeks this desk, share their poetry just with family and, perhaps, friends, writing/creating haiku/senryu (and all sorts of poetry) as they sense and then act upon heart and spirit's creative yearning, this, without a neediness often within grasping for publication, for recognition - and, many of these good folk chose not to use computers and suchnesses. . .

much of this simply has to be among the loveliest of poetry, butwe will rarely see nor hear nor experience the vast majority (herein, for me, some sadness). . .

James B Peters, among aforementioned poets (and he isn't one who will read this post), writes from heartland Cottontown and, blessed be!  he has chosen to share with this desk (and I). . . 

The pine needles lie
Thick and brown beneath the trees. . .
Snowflakes floating down.

                                   A small stream trickles
                                   Over layers of worn stone. . .
                                   The sound of old tunes.

In the summer heat
a five year old
a garden hose

                           Just Americans
                           Those who hold the corvette dream
                           Those who build the car

A cold wind blowing
the sun rises on white-capped waves
sailboats hug the dock

                                     Everything is damp
                                     In the early morning fog
                                     Even the chickens
Just a kiss hello
a long hug to let her know
You still love her so

(best guess is Caroline and Joanna are James Peters's grand-childen)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                  

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