Thursday, January 16, 2014

one world, united, heart and soul, within poetry. . .

embarrassed, have finally reviewed these lovely blessings received before this New Year from our one world, united, heart and soul, within poetry, and! meant to be/must be shared, so!, 
here we go: 

Tatjana Debeljacki

  ayaz daryl nielsen

 Dennis Rhodes

Sean Lause

  Angelee Deodhar (and ayaz daryl nielsen)

see you in a 2014 moment 

ayaz daryl nielsen



Sunday, January 5, 2014

Clouds and More Clouds - - David Rosen

David H. Rosen's new illustrated poetry book:

Clouds and More Clouds                   (

illustrations by Alec Formatin Shirley (forward, in itself, so well-written by Vincent Tripi, who assisted with editing)
a (downright - upright? - lovely) letterpress limited edition from Lily Pool Press (an imprint of Swamp Press)

equally fascinating is this book's physical creation by maker 
Ed Meissner                                       (  
who did the 'digital design, hot metal type casting in house, 
Monotype casters, die cut on a Heidelberg letterpress, books sewn on 
a Smyth book sewer, and the binding by hand'
(research was required for me to grasp the labor, dedication, <love> that went into making this book - Ed Meissner's creations are collected by rare book rooms all around the world)

here, an example of the intimacy between David's poems and 
Alec's illustrations. . . 

here are the two lines, perhaps oddly enough, 
that touched me most -

. . .
full moon over Kansas City,
the world

in 1969, received my draft notice into the US Army just as we (friends and I) left for a weekend somewhere we had never been (Kansas City) . . . 
while my acquaintances partied hardy, I walked Kansas City's streets and spent most of the night speaking with an elderly flower vender (who kept his small shop open all night so we could talk)

- here is the missing line -

Mother dying. . .
full moon over Kansas City,
the world

there's much more to this rare and worthy poetic/artistic endeavor, it is available from David Rosen for $24.95 postpaid

hopefully, some of us will purchase Clouds and More Clouds. . .
we, at the very least, can feel better about many 
things around/with us 
                              because we know 
                                                           this book exists.

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen