Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lilliput Review #190 (Don Wentworth), and! Candi Cooper-Towler. . . Martha Christina! Greg Watson!

  Don Wentworth's Lilliput Review, #190 just arrived - Don has given us 190 issues (!) of what is, has been (and will continue as) the most heartfelt and influential small press print publication we have (in beginnings of bear creek haiku, Don was mentor) - 190 issues!      Imagine Don's hard work, devotion to poetry, and sheer grace! 

two poems from #190. . .

  A mourning cloak butterfly
  settles on a red dahlia,
  folds its wings and feeds.
  For five minutes
  of its remaining life
  (and mine) I sit, watching
                                                 Martha Christina
                                                 Bristol, RI

                      Sometimes the words
                      of a poem arrive
                      first, sometimes
                      the silence.
                                                 Greg Watson
                                                 Saint Paul, MN

and this, a lovely poem from Candi Cooper-Towler:

see you in a moment 

ayaz daryl nielsen                      

                                                          bear creek haiku
                                                          po box 3787
                                                          boulder  co

worthy, healthy holiday wishes!