Sunday, November 3, 2013

'on the way home' and a 64 year marriage

on the way home. . . at Austin-Bergstrom Int'l Airport after father-in-law's funeral, the most moving moment (for me) was Judith choosing to carry one item to the plane: the American flag (for his military service) given to her at Elray's graveside. . . am re-reminded of one (of so many) sacred moments as a hospice nurse, standing beside a lovely lady as her husband moved on after 64 years of their married life together, she turned to me, and said - 

the day we were back in Colorado, an elder of mine, (and of many), a dear friend who had insisted I take his new plaid sport coat to our Texas funeral, unexpectedly, quickly moved on. . . his wife stated as we stood bedside his hospital bed 'he wanted you to keep his coat'. . .

see you in a moment

                                     ayaz daryl nielsen   


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