Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ms Angelee Deodhar, doctor of poetic peace and communication between cultures

this image, from Ms Angelee Deodhar of Chandigarh, India, contains an obvious beauty and (for me, humbling) blessing - below the image itself, a latest international poetic endeavor of this remarkable woman of poetic peace and communication between cultures. . .  

Haiku Sansaar

Haiku Sansaar is a new online bilingual English/ Hindi journal, presenting haiku and its related genres.  We present the work of both international and Indian poets who are well-known among their own language groups but unknown outside it.

The journal’s chief goal is to foster understanding and communication among haiku poets and readers who speak different languages so that we can learn from each other.  It is our hope that Haiku Sansaar will help to promote friendship in a truly international way.  The work will appear in both languages.

Editors : Dr. Jagdish Vyom (Hindi)
Dr. Angelee Deodhar (English)

Dr Angelee Deodhar's email address - 
an admirable international endeavor, worthy of our kindest words and our best thoughts and attention -

and, in closing, the cover from Ms Deodhar's last international poetic endeavor -

a translation of Japanese haiku into Hindi through the window of English, this, and Ms Deodhar's prior translations/endeavors, "speak of her love of Japanese literature and her actions as a bridge between Japan and India", as "gifts for poets writing in Hindi".  
Thank you, Dr Deodhar (and Dr Jagdish Vyom).

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                  

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