Saturday, September 14, 2013

from Anisoara Ioradace, Constanta, România, trans Miss Alina Bumbac (heartfelt thanks for sending your poem/image), and, a poetic visit from Peggy Dugan French

from Anisoara Ioradace, math teacher at Secondary School nr.6"Nicolae Titulescu", Constanta, România (translated by Miss Alina Bumbac) this abstract poetic image which - - the more one looks, all the more one appreciates - - am delighted she (they) choose to share  (seedy character in lower right hand corner not part of desired poetic/artistic image)

and, from Peggy Dugan French, Cardiff, California - poet, editor of Shemom, friend -

seasons of love

spring love
we climb mountains
bask on a perfect rock

summer love
we gather with family & friends
exchange vows

autumn love
we raise two kids
pass on family traditions

winter love 
we bury parents
watch the kids leave home

forever love
we stand together
past radiant, future unfolding

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen     

                                     (worthy associate Frosty)

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