Sunday, July 21, 2013

yawping beatitudes of poetry: Judith Partin-Nielsen... Coyopa, Carl Mayfield, and a Courtney Love manifestation

'yawping beatitudes of day becoming' - days/nights becoming better through/because of especially necessary poems... and, I realize they weren't for me to write (well, ok, a somewhat ego-soothing way of saying 'couldn't have written') -

three of these yawping beatitudes: Judith Partin-Nielsen's Poetry Everywhere, Coyopa's Sometimes a Wild God, and a poem (plus) from Modest Proposal Chapbook #24 by Carl Mayfield (love this dudearoonie)

and we begin, in this post, with Poetry Everywhere, by Judith Partin-Nielsen...

Poetry Everywhere
                                           for Courtney Love
"I wrote poetry everywhere
on the walls, on his shirt
I wrote poetry everywhere"
I couldn't stop
at night on the sheets in our bed
in my sleep, in my dreams
I wrote poetry everywhere
on my face like war paint
(stirring up all kinds of trouble)
I wrote poetry on the table cloth
in Jax's Fish House
a haiku surrounded by wine
glasses, white napkins, red brick,
walls, green fish - tiny dots of
blue light hanging from the
ceiling - Nick Forester eating sushi
at the next table
I wrote poetry everywhere
I wrote in books that
didn't belong to me, past due,
checked in, checked out,
on posters at the coffee
house, poetry notes on golden
peeling bathroom mirrors
surprise tanka on the
toilet seat
I wrote poetry everywhere
I wrote poetry on the stairs
seven steps to the landing
turn left.  Six more up to your room.
Listening to the blues, Muddy Waters
wailing, sitting on the floor
eating dates, drinking white wine.
I wrote poetry everywhere.
You made a pass, I didn't notice
better to keep writing poetry
Flat on my face, flat on my
ass, flat on my back
just keep writing
poetry everywhere

see you in a moment
in Coyopa's beatitude

ayaz daryl nielsen                  


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