Wednesday, July 3, 2013

soon enough, everything! the poetry of a. l. wright, of Pat Prine, plus, editor as tank commander and ninja

And this especial morning (as it is, above) loverly and embracing 'everythings'... 
including some mistakes of this editor...
yet! a morning breeze, the rising sun and my assistant Frosty (Famous Cat Who Ran for President and who is actively participating in 
a sleep-in across the middle of our desk) inspire, even insist 
upon an early morning attempt 
at amending mistakes...

Am delighted to share with you two poems by a. l. wright whose poetic inspiration often comes from walks beside lake Michigan, from 7 year old son Malachi, from a love of visual arts and whose poems I accepted some time ago, misplaced somewhere and, fortunately, was re-reminded of their necessary existence:   

My Name Is Called

A door opens
And I

My name is called
And I have gone

For the one
Who seeks me out.


                                         Paper on my desk
                                         Becomes origami bird
                                         Silently chirping
thank you, a. l. wright

and, whose poem is this?  I mis-listed it as one of Pat Prine's in the bear creek anthology (which is still somewhere near completion):

  He strains
to pee -
  the old hound

Pat Prine is one of my most favorite poets, and here are two that are hers:

standing guard
in the children's playground
a green rhinoceros

                                     Happy Birthday!
                                     Dad's old flannel jacket
                                     still hanging in the closet

plus! mistakes by this editor are often, I'm told, of unique interest -

two examples -

first picture, the notion of self as 'tank commander'  
(kept falling off/out of tank) - 
second picture, a belief in my super-effectiveness as an almost invisible ninja...                                           

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                           

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