Friday, July 26, 2013

beatidude Carl Mayfield ~ Modest Proposal Chapbook #24 'All the Way Up'

an especially necessary early morning's yawped beatidude of poetry becoming: mister master Carl Mayfield's multifarious Blank Looks and Read Agains...

Blank Look #819
  no post card
  can do it:  
            mountain peak
            knowing where to stop

                           Only witness
                           to behind the knee kisses -
                                  the scented candle

Blank Look #137
  I hold a begonia
  up to the light

  no, all the way up

cold wind--
   the daffodils

Blank Look #186
                                     hearing the finches
                                     singing at first light
                                     means we've come
                                     through, too

Wife's knees
   spooned into mine. . . .
sound of the house doing nothing

beatidude Carl Mayfield's current chapbook (including some above Blank Looks/Read Agains plus! Many Others) is
                 Modest Proposal Chapbooks (#24)
                       an imprint of Lilliput Review
                       Pittsburg's Don Wentworth

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen         

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