Sunday, June 23, 2013

legends of enchanted beginnings - joanna m weston, sean lause, donna snow, carl mayfield's modest chapbook!, and, frosty!

lovely poems, necessary poems have found their way to bear creek this past week, many of which were/are a response to poetry within the last post... among these poems, many were selected for issue #114 (the next issue) of bear creek haiku, and my assistant Frosty the Famous Cat Who Ran for President in the Last Election (all the cats who voted voted for Frosty, who is currently sprawled across the middle of our desk) and I are elated about sharing a few of them, below, with all of you...

summer day...
the scent of
creeping thyme               joanna m weston, 
                                                          shawnigan lake, 
                                                          british columbia 

                                     The learned astrologer
                           told us the sun sees all.
                           "Not so, not so,"
                           said the nightingale.
                                                     sean lause,
                                                                           bluffton, ohio

The woman who walked in feathers
scattering them
as she tread,
smiled as the colors fluttered
around her.                                    
                                                donna snow,
                                                turlock, california

                                                                 cold wind -
                                            the daffodils,

  no post card
  can do it:
             mountain peak
             knowing where to stop
                             two by carl mayfield,
                                          rio rancho, new mexico
                                                      from a new collection of carl's oh-so-worthy 
                                                      poetry via a new Modest Proposal Chapbook
                                                      from don wentworth/lilliput review



see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

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