Saturday, June 1, 2013

'bear creek haiku anthology the poets of bear creek'... has been completed!

Editing bear creek haiku is, with every issue, an immersion in the archetype, the paradigm, of all poetry... it was impossible to include the poems and poets from 113+ issues of bear creek haiku in the anthology, but: the poets, biographies and poems therein (paraphrasing Galway Kinnell) 'symbolize the dream of all poetics and the blessing of all poems:  immersion in the Poetic Grail, a holy grail of tenderness toward, for, and with, all of existence'


'bear creek haiku anthology  the poets of bear creek' includes the biographies and select poems of these poets:

Sharon Anderson, John Berbrich, Nancy Berbrich, Alan Catlin, Michael Ceraolo, Martha Christina, Candi Cooper-Towler, Norm Davis, Seren Fargo, Peggy Dugan French, John Grey, George Held, Stephanie Hiteshew, Jody Bird Lawton, Ed Markowski, John Constantine Mastor, George Matey, Carl Mayfield, Margaret D McGee, Dorothy McLaughlin, Robert D O’Rourke, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Sean Perkins, James B Peters,  Cathy Porter, Pat Prine, Dennis Rhodes, Dennis Saleh, Vivian Bolland Schroeder, Rex Sexton, Noel Sloboda, Jane Stuart, Diane Webster, Don Wentworth, Kelley Jean White, versifier p l wick, with poetic visitations from Dave Church, Giovanni Malito and dear friend Denver Stull!

As soon as is possible, I will mail each poet their copy of the anthology - also, copies can be obtained through googling the title, or, from me,, or, po box 3787, boulder, co, 80307 - and! I will contact via postal the rather large number of my poets who don't use computers...

    for the poets and their poetry which have found (and will continue to find) a home upon the pages of bear creek haiku 
with deepest appreciation

ayaz daryl nielsen

Child at a petting zoo.
A tiny hand strokes my arm.                  
george matey

attending to the fallen 
      old priest and his rake                  don wentworth

evening peace vigil 
   candle flames flicker
      touched by our prayers                  dorothy mclaughlin

see you in a moment - 

ayaz daryl nielsen                                       

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