Thursday, June 13, 2013

A young and heroic Colorado wildfire-fighter rescues newborn fawn, and, a wood spirit/shaman/bodhisattva of heart-fullness

Foremost:  a young Colorado hero, a newborn fawn. Please, watch the 8-or-so second video of a young Colorado firefighter (who appears to be about 18) saving a baby deer. The best google address I can give (to avoid advertisements, news folk blather and nonesuchnesses) is 'Black Forest Fire: Baby Deer Rescued By Firefighter'

And, this wood spirit, perhaps a shaman, certainly, a bodhisattva... 

Above photo/poem from three years ago (which reappeared on much-more-than-disorderly-absolutely-out-of-control-ayazdarylnielsen-deskedness this morning) of our beloved Front Range Mountains, which are burning...and I will close quickly because, first, I would share two (hopefully) appropriate poems with you...

on retreat

lay aside these 
lists of things
to worship...
a nearby path
through the aspen
has daydreams of
wild orchids beside
emerald lakes and
beckons to bare
bone and heart

Where are you going?

Where are you going?
Assess the density
of rising mist
as sunrise
early morning's
once more?

The wild blue-
berries and toad-

their moment.

A crow stretching
stiff wings in
first light,

his, too.


the sound 
is canny

second, because Judith, I and a bodhisattva of forest, firefighter and fawn  for the worst and best of reasons   weep

and, third, because of this, this blessing we would share with you...

see you in a moment -

ayaz daryl nielsen              

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