Sunday, June 23, 2013

legends of enchanted beginnings - joanna m weston, sean lause, donna snow, carl mayfield's modest chapbook!, and, frosty!

lovely poems, necessary poems have found their way to bear creek this past week, many of which were/are a response to poetry within the last post... among these poems, many were selected for issue #114 (the next issue) of bear creek haiku, and my assistant Frosty the Famous Cat Who Ran for President in the Last Election (all the cats who voted voted for Frosty, who is currently sprawled across the middle of our desk) and I are elated about sharing a few of them, below, with all of you...

summer day...
the scent of
creeping thyme               joanna m weston, 
                                                          shawnigan lake, 
                                                          british columbia 

                                     The learned astrologer
                           told us the sun sees all.
                           "Not so, not so,"
                           said the nightingale.
                                                     sean lause,
                                                                           bluffton, ohio

The woman who walked in feathers
scattering them
as she tread,
smiled as the colors fluttered
around her.                                    
                                                donna snow,
                                                turlock, california

                                                                 cold wind -
                                            the daffodils,

  no post card
  can do it:
             mountain peak
             knowing where to stop
                             two by carl mayfield,
                                          rio rancho, new mexico
                                                      from a new collection of carl's oh-so-worthy 
                                                      poetry via a new Modest Proposal Chapbook
                                                      from don wentworth/lilliput review



see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Elk Heart Walking, poets Michael Conner, Peggy Dugan French, Dennis Rhodes, Caroline N Simpson and! Don Wentworth!

                                                                                              blue-velvet twilight
                                                      the evening star
                                                      nestled in thereness
poet Michael Conner


                             thumb in your back pocket
                             arm draped over my shoulder
                                                 poet Peggy Dugan French

Venice Prayer

Why do I crave the fog,
a softened silhouette?
Wrap me like a Russian nesting doll
in layers of mist that soak and sink:
immerse me in damp whispers
and blur my outline into thick emerald lagoon,
bright, crisp stars twinkling above. 
                                             poet Caroline N Simpson

                          Issa's Answer
                   The whole world sloughs off
                   it's skin - do you have a question
                   for Mr. Snake?
                                            poet don Wentworth

                                     Poor little haiku.
                                     Seventeen sweet syllables
                                     with nothing to say.
                                             poet Dennis Rhodes

see you in the next bear creek haiku, and/or, perhaps, a future bear creek post... better yet, upon a Colorado mountain, beside a river among aspen, mountain mahogany, big bluestem, pasque and columbine, listening to bull elk bugle as they slowly wade through the clear, cold glacial current...
see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                     

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A young and heroic Colorado wildfire-fighter rescues newborn fawn, and, a wood spirit/shaman/bodhisattva of heart-fullness

Foremost:  a young Colorado hero, a newborn fawn. Please, watch the 8-or-so second video of a young Colorado firefighter (who appears to be about 18) saving a baby deer. The best google address I can give (to avoid advertisements, news folk blather and nonesuchnesses) is 'Black Forest Fire: Baby Deer Rescued By Firefighter'

And, this wood spirit, perhaps a shaman, certainly, a bodhisattva... 

Above photo/poem from three years ago (which reappeared on much-more-than-disorderly-absolutely-out-of-control-ayazdarylnielsen-deskedness this morning) of our beloved Front Range Mountains, which are burning...and I will close quickly because, first, I would share two (hopefully) appropriate poems with you...

on retreat

lay aside these 
lists of things
to worship...
a nearby path
through the aspen
has daydreams of
wild orchids beside
emerald lakes and
beckons to bare
bone and heart

Where are you going?

Where are you going?
Assess the density
of rising mist
as sunrise
early morning's
once more?

The wild blue-
berries and toad-

their moment.

A crow stretching
stiff wings in
first light,

his, too.


the sound 
is canny

second, because Judith, I and a bodhisattva of forest, firefighter and fawn  for the worst and best of reasons   weep

and, third, because of this, this blessing we would share with you...

see you in a moment -

ayaz daryl nielsen              

Saturday, June 1, 2013

'bear creek haiku anthology the poets of bear creek'... has been completed!

Editing bear creek haiku is, with every issue, an immersion in the archetype, the paradigm, of all poetry... it was impossible to include the poems and poets from 113+ issues of bear creek haiku in the anthology, but: the poets, biographies and poems therein (paraphrasing Galway Kinnell) 'symbolize the dream of all poetics and the blessing of all poems:  immersion in the Poetic Grail, a holy grail of tenderness toward, for, and with, all of existence'


'bear creek haiku anthology  the poets of bear creek' includes the biographies and select poems of these poets:

Sharon Anderson, John Berbrich, Nancy Berbrich, Alan Catlin, Michael Ceraolo, Martha Christina, Candi Cooper-Towler, Norm Davis, Seren Fargo, Peggy Dugan French, John Grey, George Held, Stephanie Hiteshew, Jody Bird Lawton, Ed Markowski, John Constantine Mastor, George Matey, Carl Mayfield, Margaret D McGee, Dorothy McLaughlin, Robert D O’Rourke, Judith Partin-Nielsen, Sean Perkins, James B Peters,  Cathy Porter, Pat Prine, Dennis Rhodes, Dennis Saleh, Vivian Bolland Schroeder, Rex Sexton, Noel Sloboda, Jane Stuart, Diane Webster, Don Wentworth, Kelley Jean White, versifier p l wick, with poetic visitations from Dave Church, Giovanni Malito and dear friend Denver Stull!

As soon as is possible, I will mail each poet their copy of the anthology - also, copies can be obtained through googling the title, or, from me,, or, po box 3787, boulder, co, 80307 - and! I will contact via postal the rather large number of my poets who don't use computers...

    for the poets and their poetry which have found (and will continue to find) a home upon the pages of bear creek haiku 
with deepest appreciation

ayaz daryl nielsen

Child at a petting zoo.
A tiny hand strokes my arm.                  
george matey

attending to the fallen 
      old priest and his rake                  don wentworth

evening peace vigil 
   candle flames flicker
      touched by our prayers                  dorothy mclaughlin

see you in a moment - 

ayaz daryl nielsen