Sunday, May 26, 2013

normal, Peggy Dugan French, Noel Sloboda, p l wick and James Lautermilch: poetry from the pages of bear creek haiku #113

                                         from  bear creek haiku  #113

 Autumn frost 
   She wears
His shirt to bed

                                            james lautermilch    los gatos  california

daylight savings
the old dog still knows
supper time
                                            p l wick   empire  colorado

feathers and I
escape the pillow -
dreams of flight

                                           noel sloboda   york  pennsylvania

not just cotton candy anymore
moving on to the hard stuff

                                           peggy dugan french   cardiff  california

we will walk again and again
in a hundred years
a thousand
hand in hand
as it always was
as it always is
death shall be no barrier
sorrow shall cease
its endless stabbing
we will walk btwn
2 willow trees
hawk shadows will
play their picture shows
upon the branches
where the sun &
rainbows touch
we will walk again & again
we will walk

                                          normal   saugerties  new york

                                              image credit: dio/1889999 stock photo

see you in a moment -
ayaz daryl nielsen