Tuesday, April 23, 2013

grace, an uncertain dignity...poet Caroline N Simpson

A rare and heartening occurrence -
an entire set of poems, submitted for consideration, manifesting grace and an uncertain dignity... these poems, via email from Caroline N Simpson (currently residing in Turkey), also have, for this editor, my appreciation for this sharing with you:

Autumn I

The trees whisper, and Autumn awakens my heart,
her ice fingers wrapping around my breaths.
I welcome her into my swell, and she reminds me:
The first bite may rip through warm down feathers,
but my skin will explode in ten thousand joys.  The wind blows.
My ancestors' voices assure me;  their whispers echo
through the vale of quaking aspen, and I am released.

Autumn II

The sky closes, and Autumn rains into my heart,
pouring her stakes into seemingly soft smiles.
I did not welcome her, yet she reminds me still:
A heart's affections mask and unmask until even Heaven
shrugs and steps down to the andante of old thoughts chanting
upon endless grey pavement.  This weather will ruin me
unless I swim skyward, and place Heaven back on her shrine.

Old Age

Old age is like being totally confused most of the time
except when a synapse in your brain fires a tune
to which you once lindy hopped back in the fifties,
and you smile and dance by yourself in your chair,
catching the eye of whatever stranger is near,
laughing together as if she were there, too.

The Cypress Swamp

Beneath our feet, a dense hot tea
seeps in the cypress canopy.
Each plant signed the limestone print,
rust colored remnants of identity.
Tannins swim above waved sand,
keepers of heartwood eternity.

Caroline N Simpson is an international educator residing in Izmir, Turkey.  As well as Ascent Aspirations, she has poems published in Barcelona-based literary magazine Barcelona Ink, Michigan-based Third Wednesday, and, soon, in bear creek haiku.  And,

see you in a moment

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