Tuesday, April 23, 2013

grace, an uncertain dignity...poet Caroline N Simpson

A rare and heartening occurrence -
an entire set of poems, submitted for consideration, manifesting grace and an uncertain dignity... these poems, via email from Caroline N Simpson (currently residing in Turkey), also have, for this editor, my appreciation for this sharing with you:

Autumn I

The trees whisper, and Autumn awakens my heart,
her ice fingers wrapping around my breaths.
I welcome her into my swell, and she reminds me:
The first bite may rip through warm down feathers,
but my skin will explode in ten thousand joys.  The wind blows.
My ancestors' voices assure me;  their whispers echo
through the vale of quaking aspen, and I am released.

Autumn II

The sky closes, and Autumn rains into my heart,
pouring her stakes into seemingly soft smiles.
I did not welcome her, yet she reminds me still:
A heart's affections mask and unmask until even Heaven
shrugs and steps down to the andante of old thoughts chanting
upon endless grey pavement.  This weather will ruin me
unless I swim skyward, and place Heaven back on her shrine.

Old Age

Old age is like being totally confused most of the time
except when a synapse in your brain fires a tune
to which you once lindy hopped back in the fifties,
and you smile and dance by yourself in your chair,
catching the eye of whatever stranger is near,
laughing together as if she were there, too.

The Cypress Swamp

Beneath our feet, a dense hot tea
seeps in the cypress canopy.
Each plant signed the limestone print,
rust colored remnants of identity.
Tannins swim above waved sand,
keepers of heartwood eternity.

Caroline N Simpson is an international educator residing in Izmir, Turkey.  As well as Ascent Aspirations, she has poems published in Barcelona-based literary magazine Barcelona Ink, Michigan-based Third Wednesday, and, soon, in bear creek haiku.  And,

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen                                                                                 darylayaz@me.com

Sunday, April 21, 2013

'I shelter all things you give me' - Linda Nemec Foster | Dianne Carroll Burdick a touch of Angelee Deodhar, a few words from S Freud/from A Einstein

From a post upon the nearest physics bulletin board (Silver Creek High School, Longmont, Colorado): 'life is sacred, that is to say, it is the supreme value, to which all other values are subordinate' (A Einstein)...plus, this cherished quote (as recorded, perhaps correctly, in my journal) - 'wherever I go, I find a poet has been there before me' (S Freud)...Freud wasn't speaking of going to Bonn from Denver, or to Watertown from Zurich (necessarily) but, rather, of going where heart, mind, inner seeking, research and all such can and will take us...

In 2006, Linda Nemec Foster, poet, with Dianne Carroll Burdick, photo images, gave us Listen To The Landscape, a 58-page publication of Ms Foster's haiku coupled with Ms Burdick's hand-colored photo's - Naomi Shihab Nye (to be acknowledged in greater depth via upcoming posts) said of this poetry/photo collection 'a rinsing of the senses occurs, a cleansing away of the world's sorrow and clutter' - and, yes!, Listen To The Landscape has been/is, for me, for us, a cleansing away, a rinsing off of what appears as broken sacredness within/between us, us and our own - shan't break copyrights by printing entire poems, nor can I reproduce the hand-colored photos, yet, here are three excerpts -

'Remembrance'     (beside a photo-enhanced bird house covered with vines)


Comfort each soul and give it

New songs, new silence

'Friendship'     (beside a forest path, in autumn, that leads to a wooden bench with an old bowl on it)


It's waiting - overgrown path,

Cool dusk, small birdsong

and, my favorite -

'Guardian'     (next to a lovely old barn, identical to the barns my maternal grandfather, a lumberjack, would build for his neighbors among the deepest backwoods of Wisconsin)


Shelter all things you give me,

I keep the secrets.

Listen To The Landscape, haiku by Linda Nemec Foster  |  images by Dianne Carroll Burdick
copyright 2006, William B Erdmans Publishing Company         ISBN 978 - 0 - 8028 - 2898 - 9

last, one of my poems, as pictured by Ms Angelee Deodhar            (again, my deep appreciation)

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

Saturday, April 6, 2013

homes for poems - Kind Of A Hurricane, Horrified Press, and! p l wick, Angelee Deodhar and other assorted awesomenesses

(this gratefulness for---------------------------------------------------------------------------Angelee Deodhar)

first, issues within this post (some exist!?) can be attributed to the poet of bard valley, p l wick

daylight savings
the old dog still knows
supper time                               (p l wick)

yesterday you traveled on

walking through new snow
there are no paw prints
to greet my return                          (p l wick)

ok, issues (bless you!) and mistakes are ayaz daryl nielsen’s - and, 

second!, if you’e received this post via sheer good fortune/good karma/or some such, but it just doesn’t really feel that way to you (?) contact p l wick   darylayaz@me.com    and,

third!, our anthology, The Poets of Bear Creek, will, I pray, find completion by late April/early 2015 - my goal was the past holiday season (which, obviously, didn’t/couldn’t happen) - will do my best to keep everyone updated (a fair number of bear creek poets only use postal mail/this/p l wick/that/whine/the other/finances/et cetera) (am wondering how these endeavors were undertaken before lamas, horses and aurochs) - and, 

fourth!, let’s find worthy homes for your poetry...
here we go...

http://www.kindofahurricanepress.com/  or, Kind Of A Hurricane Press,  seeking submissions for six anthologies:

Point Mass
            theme:  outer space
            deadline:  April 30, 2013

 Of Sun And Sand
            theme:  Beach
            deadline:  June 30, 2013

 [Insert Coin Here]
             theme:  Video Games
             deadline:  August 31, 2013

In Gilded Frame
            theme:  Ekphrasis
            deadline:  September 30, 2013

What’s Your Sign?
            theme:  Astrology
            deadline:  October 31, 2013

Conversation With A Christmas Bulb
            theme:  Christmas
            deadline:  November 30, 2013

anthologies are online (can also be downloaded), print editions available (of course, please go to/explore websites ‘for reals’) plus! ed. Amy Huffman and co-ed. April Salzano have seven - seven!  continuous on-line journals, including High Coupe (as in haiku) (ok, you knew that) - here are three of mine blessed by a recent appearance within High Coupe

Blue-colored morning
dream wisps fading in-
to first thoughts

always a hair on
the bristles of my toothbrush
sometimes two

yesterday's main streets
all the half-
remembered somethings

my poem meridian has the honor of appearing in another Kind Of A Hurricane journal, Pyrokinection, and, other poems in their other journals - these are highly energized, active, talented, doin’ (somebody stop me) editors...

here’s more from the Hurricane -Backlit Barbell, our first multi-author anthology is open for submissions of poetry with the theme of health/fitness/exercise.  For details check out our anthologies page.’ 

and, this, on April 6th                Kind of a Hurricane Press still needs your submissions for its upcoming anthology! -
Point Mass
            theme:  outerspace
            deadline:  April 30, 2013

woo!  now it’s just getting too exciting!  I should consult my advisor, Frosty, but he is sleeping in the middle of the desk with tail draped over computer (the usual, cat hair everywhere), but, a wooo! because of this from aforementioned Amy Huffman - 

‘My friend, and fellow editor, Nathan Rowark from Horrified Press, has three new anthologies coming up.  He needs your submissions.  Information on each anthology, as well as Horrified Press can be found at the links below:’  

not for everyone, perhaps (perhaps not?) - I have written some fairly horrific poetry (ok, yes, ‘horror’ rather than horrific is part of what editor N Rowark is looking for, also, flash fiction and short stories) - but, I admit, some of my poems have been rather horrific
am going to submit poetry to Horrified Press for consideration - it’s exciting/uplifting just receiving this sort of info email, here’s hoping it’s the same for you... 

enough - fewer words from me, let’s just seek what may be ‘just right’ homes for your poems - 
the 'further' list:

Shemom  this lovely print pub from ed. Peggy Dugan French accepts poems for consideration via email  pdfrench@cox.net    (betcha a keyboard full of cat hair she would love to hear from poets both stateside and especially otherwhere’s) 

The New Verse News, ‘Submission Guidelines: Send previously unpublished poems in the body of an email to nvneditor@yahoo.com OR to nvneditor@gmail.com. Use "Verse News Submission" as the subject line. Send a brief bio. No payment. Authors retain all rights after 1st-time appearance here.’  This is the mightiest poetic ‘warhorse for peace’ we have -

among the homeless
   so many
      service medals                    (a poem of mine in New Verse News)

Tibet Is a Country

young monk’s red
and saffron robes
dissolving into flame 
the intersection of
faith, courage and despair            (a poem from Judith Partin-Nielsen in New Verse News)

(New Verse News arrives online almost daily, so send your appropriate poetry now, damn it, now!  for consideration - responds quickly)

Call for submissions of Spring-themed poems for The Weekly Avocet, every Wednesday. 
Please send only one poem, per poet, per season. Let’s do Spring-themed poetry for now.
Please no more than 38 lines per poem.
Please use single spaced lines.
Please use the Times New Roman - 12pt. font.
Please send your submission to angeldec24@hotmail.com
Please remember, previously published poems are wanted.
Please always put your name and email address under your poem.  Thank you.
     ‘We hope we provoked you to thought; that you leave having experienced a complete emotional response to the poetry.  I want to thank our Poets for sharing their work with us this week’.  And it’s a loverly home for poetry.  

Yellow Mama  ed. Cindy Crosmus (my most favorite exotic web ed.) - it just doesn’t get any better than this, even if, perhaps, not for everyone (sigh...)  mail to crosmus@hotmail.com
to quote from her guidelines:  Needs: cutting edge, hardboiled, horror, literary, noir, psychological/horror.  No fanfiction, romance, or swords & sorcery and no erotica. We no longer publish erotica, but if your story contains graphic sex that is essential to the story, that's fine.  Absolutely nothing glorifying Satanism!  Nothing so sick or perverted that even I can’t read it. Nothing racist or bigoted, anti-religion, nothing blasphemous or sacrilegious.  Nothing either right-wing Conservative or so politically correct the ACLU would love it.  There’s a happy medium somewhere: Write straight from the heart; call it like you see it, but show some control.
subject line of email submission - 'Submission'
times new roman 
brief cover letter, name, email address
Yellow Mama, a very worthy web presence, (including artwork and editor contributions), with an archive where poems are honored and easily accessed - 

Shamrock Haiku Journal (the international Irish Haiku Society), http://shamrockhaiku.webs.com/currentissue.htm - or, Shamrock Haiku Journal
ed. Anthony Kudryavitsky (writing as Anatoly Kudryavitsky with a bio and ongoing creative endeavors of international import - fascinating - his website is http://kudryavitsky.webs.com) - Shamrock now has an online ‘submission manager’, and the haiku/senryu selected have a different ‘flavor’ then, say, High Coupe or Shemom, do visit/read through online pubs so you can best choose which of your poems might fit where (and to make doubly sure you have correct submission requirements) Shamrock’s international poets/poetry presence has given impetus to my creative stink instinct - and! - bless ‘em! - I have a senryu voted by the Irish Haiku Society as ‘best of year’ for 2011 and another senryu voted as ‘best of year’ again for 2012 - (of my last submission, none were chosen, but, you know, ‘so goes poetic flow’) - 

tanka - the TSA (Tanka Society of America) has a lovely print pub, Ribbons 
if not a member of the tanka society, send submissions to MchlMcClintock@aol.com  - (he is ed. of a section of Ribbons dedicated to non-members) - I’ve appreciated Michael McClintock and his award-winning tanka for years - check submission guidelines, make sure your poems go to Michael (unless you become a member) or you’ll receive a surly reply from someone else 

POETRY PACIFIC  a literary e.zine for true lovers of words & wisdom
SUBMIT/CONTACT   yuans@shaw.ca    a quarterly online pub, with a ‘call out’ for poetry/photos as of April 1st, you’ll hear from them only if poetry is accepted, but do check in with their poetry/photo guidelines (but, enough of my confusticating verbalizing) (well, here’s a little more)  Founding Publisher/Editor-in-Chief is Changming Yuan, Co-Founding Publisher/Editor is Allen Qing Yuan who was born Canadian in 1995 and currently attends high school in Vancouver  -  one should read these editors’ bios’, especially Changming Yuan’s: originally from central southern China, he has a fascinating/worthy history (and, yes, we well know, in our own unique and subtle ways, we all do)

holy smokes - this post is taking on a life of it’s own, maybe I’ve lost control (certainly of it’s length...well...ummm) -

potentially fascinating pubs to be explored:


This establishment welcomes dromedaries, malcontents and jewels in the world. Which one are you?

Send one to three poems, short prose pieces or other material in the body of an email to editor.camelsaloon[at]gmail[dot]com. Photography and art always welcome. See Submission Guidelines for the fine print: http://thecamelsaloon.blogspot.com/p/submission-guidelines.html.

Another day at the job...
Submission Guidelines
Send in the body of an email up to 3 poems of poison and sweetness to editordeadsnakes@gmail.com

No simultaneous submissions. Reprints are okay, but we must know when and where your poem was first published.
No attachments. A brief bio is appreciated. The subject line should read: Dead Snakes/(your name).
Rights revert to authors upon publication.
Editor- Stephen Jarrell Williams

(am almost afraid to ask about the name) (then again, a certain amount of my own poetry just lies there)

Lilliput Review ... where smaller is better
Dedicated to the memory of Albert Huffsticker

Don Wentworth, Editor    282 Main Street           Pittsburgh, PA  15201    3.4” x 4” Lillie - Don selects the very best (over the years, I’ve averaged about 1 of every 50 poems I've submitted as being accepted), but/and it’s all worth if just one can finds a home in Lilliput Review (Lillie)  and! one can just read some fine poetry (I am always inspired by/have tried to imitate selections in Lillie) - it may be up to a year before your accepted poem appears in this small pub (bear creek haiku, 4”x 11” is physically modeled upon/inspired by Don’s pub)

bear creek haiku and this blog and much of my poetry might not exist if not for Don Wentworth, and, he has one of the best online sites existent: 
                                 Issa’s Untidy Hut 

and!  Don’s modest proposal chapbook series - a favorite poet of mine, Carl Mayfield of Albuquerque, just had a selection of his poems in a ‘modest proposal chapbook’

Blank Look #186
                                                         hearing the finches
                                                         singing at first light
                                                         means we’ve come
                                                         through too                      (Carl Mayfield)

and, fifth!  so much more - SCIFAIKUEST, Sam’s DOT Publishing, yet I must find a way to end this post - soon - but there’s this: online editors often have notable listings of their favorite homes for poems, as do Kind Of A Hurricane and Lilliput Review’s Issa’s Untidy Hut, with hundreds more to be explored, and some, perhaps several, would work for you and me - and this: check requirement submissions with care, and the sorts of poems each site prefers, maybe subscribe to a few (Avocet, for example, is free, but only asks for $6 donations, if one so chooses) - (and I choose to contact via postal the poets I know don’t use email or tmblr et al with info in this post) - 
sixth, (I have got to find a way to end this post) - (right after this) -
bear creek haiku
po box 3787
boulder  co   80307   usa
if you live otherwhere’s than stateside, send poetry via email to daylayaz@me.com -
perhaps, if your poems appeal to Frosty, could create a post consisting of your poetry -


(again, thank you, Dr Deodhar)

and! seventh, 
if you have made it this far, I need to tell you, I luv' ya   (especially you, Judith)
                                                                                                    (yes, you too, Frosty) 
and, we have yet to discuss Reb Zalman's wielding an esoteric butcher knife when his wife Eve thought he was taking his nap and how it affected the Pacific Ocean (completion of prior post), and, what books I've received are still hidden in the closet?,
and -
see you in a moment