Monday, February 11, 2013

Unexpected delightfulness!

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so cool, unexpected, and I shall drum my own shillala a bit - thought I had the wrong word, but, perfect!  Shillala is a town in Ireland!  Beautimous name!  Received notice a senryu of mine, published in a 2012 issue of Shamrock Haiku Journal (the international Irish Haiku Society), has been selected by members/contributors as best of year 2012...

old iron bed frame
the lover my pillows
gossip about

I have to/want to create a post about Shamrock soon, embarrassed I haven’t - for now, just go there -
editor Anthony Kudryavitsky, writing as Anatoly Kudryavitsky, has a bio and ongoing creative endeavors of international import, most worthy and fascinating - his website is 

Candi Cooper-Towler, haiku poet/mad sock scientist, one of two poets featured in the last bear creek post, has writing endeavors beyond anything I’ve approached - - had no idea (‘til now) of her extensive publishing/editing endeavors - 

from Anne Curran, Hamiltonian and fine New Zealand poet (also in last post), a cornucopia of NZ poets, including a favorite of Anne's, Adrienne Jansen - from Adrienne Jansen’s bio: poet and teacher, she writes both fiction and non-fiction. She has worked extensively with immigrants to New Zealand, and many of her books reflect this experience. Jansen's first book, Having a Baby in New Zealand (1985), is published in Samoan, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Khmer as well as English. Her first novel, Spirit Writing (1999), followed the publication of her poetry and shorter fiction. Her first collection of poetry, a stone seat and a shadow tree, was published in 2001’.  Am jealous - who wouldn't love to have poems published in Samoan and Khmer?

  • also, mention of a NZ journal publishing Japanese verse forms, 'Kokako NZ' (Kokako, an endangered native bird of New Zealand), editor Patricia Prime, widely published/so well known
  • and other NZ poets I’ve yet to investigate/appreciate - 

this, a somewhat scattered/unfocused post - so much, so uplifting!  several future (focused) posts just barely mentioned - and 

see you in a moment 

ayaz daryl nielsen

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