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Aroha! two fine poets - Anne Curran (Hamiltonian) and Candi Cooper-Towler (Coloradan)

This post just makes me feel better (and I fully expect your day to be a bit more uplifted, also):  I’ve the honor of presenting exceedingly fine poems from two poets, one who lives in the same city I do- Candi Cooper-Towler (we live in Boulder County, Colorado, USA, the Longmont-Boulder area), coupled with the creative endeavors of another fine poet, a Hamiltonian, Anne Curran, who lives in Hamilton, New Zealand.   And!    
These poems (and these two poets) embody ‘aroha’! - 
aroha  ‘ɑːrɒhə’  noun New Zealand  
love; affection.
• sympathy.

Poets from (almost) geographically opposite (and equally lovely) homes upon our planet!  
...ok, yes, I’ll hush up, let us read of poets and their poetry...

a stillness
after the rain...
my cat beneath camellias

winter evening
a neighbor's 
lighted window

a flurry of 
neighborly conversations
- nor'wester blowing

Anne’s bio (and more of her poetry):

I am a Hamiltonian. While I have been a teacher for
 most of my professional life, I am currently doing
 home help work. While teaching I have taken time to
 write a poetry collection titled, 'Birds of Paradise'.

 I have been writing haiku for about three years now.
 I have enjoyed some fantastic mentoring along the way,
 and remain in admiration of many haiku poets, in
 particular New Zealand poets.

 Another leisure activity I enjoy is visiting local art
 galleries and the Waikato museum in Hamilton.

 My family is important to me. I am especially
 grateful for the love and mentoring of my parents, Kevin
 and Nina. I have come to an appreciation in life for good
 friends, food, health, and of course, good haiku.

whirling leaves ...
the conversations
in my head

summer drive
we turn right
into the graveyard

poetry forum
building nests
from twigs

saying good-night...
seven stars
in constellation

the moon's light..
full lips pout
from a billboard

shorter days…
wizened grapes
cling to the vine                     'A Hundred Gourds', June 2012

a man alone
on a porch …
smoke unfurling                          Bones Journal, Dec 2012

sunset drives
a lone swimmer
towards a Norfolk pine               ‘A Fine Line’, September 2011

as she turns to leave
my mother’s
girlish smile                            Valley Micropress, June, 2010

counting the minutes …
husband and wife
leave hand in hand                       A Fine Line Dec 2011

(this is my most favorite:)

voices of India
from a kitchen window
smell of curry                        MicroValley Press, October 2010

From Anne Curran:  ‘I really look forward to reading the blog post including the work of Candi Cooper-Towler. It is exciting news.’

And!  Candi Cooper-Towler!  (it just doesn’t get any better than this!)  (Well, possibly with ice cream) -

herd of 
dry leaves
clattering by

having bought the tombstone
we sit in the car-
a dragonfly hovers

my father's grave-
black branches reach up
frosted with moonlight

Candi Cooper-Towler was born in Boulder City, Nevada and now lives in Boulder County, Colorado.  She shares her life with her novelist husband, two black cats, a dog and a horse.  Hobbies beyond haiku include hiking, horseback archery, dog agility, and video gaming.  Her main goals in life are to own a house with a turret, and get daydreaming accepted as an Olympic sport.

just before dawn
the hunchbacked moon
limps home 

Onomea Bay
locals climb the fence-
we are content
with the rocky beach

a cat's balance-
if you stop petting me
I'll fall

cats in the hall
shifting to find
last afternoon light

along the driveway
brown puffed doves
decorate bare branches

bloody knuckles
but the toilet works

cat inside 
a paper bag
cat on top

none of my scribbles
match the wine labels

(I’ve two most favorites:)

I want to tell you
this year
I kept my roses alive

I don’t want to go anywhere
well maybe
ice cream

ice cream - am now on the better side of a so-called ‘crud’ that’s in our area (sinus/respiratory stuff) - it’s almost time to choose which ice cream flavor is appropriate for a well-being celebration (might possibly be necessary to experiment with at least three flavors) 

You know what?  The above poetry has helped!  Thank you, Anne, thank you, Candi!

questions, concerns, corrections, and, especially, your own most favorite poems you would choose to send for consideration in this blog (poetry in this blog also finds a home in print pub bear creek haiku, poems should be under 11 +/- lines and fit on a 3 x 11 inch page -  or  
bear creek haiku    
po box 3787   
boulder  co  
80307   usa

have thoroughly appreciated working with/creating this post because of the contents -  

and! -

see you in a moment 

ayaz daryl nielsen


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