Wednesday, January 2, 2013

the shy dryad of Bald Mountain

    Nearby Bald Mountain is a most beloved place - at one time, Arapahoe seekers underwent vision quests there - Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, once (and still?) our most major local (and international) spiritual figure would lie on Bald Mountain under the huge Butterscotch Pine to recharge his internal batteries.
    Judith (Partin-Nielsen) and I were married on Bald Mountain by Antonio, an Apache shaman - Big Joe Mohr (see a prior post, if you so choose) was one of our folk who offered blessings, poems were read, including one written by Dave Church (also of same prior post).

    And!  A shy dryad lives on Bald Mountain!  The following poem is of and was given to her (written by us) - as this year begins, will share it with you - 

message for a shy dryad  

Speak up!
Be gentle and persuasive
they’re waiting for

your words

Talk with trembling leaves

They know your voice, your
bloodlines and passions

Speak of them, your
words within

autumn winds

Speak of the restlessness
of leaves

upon trees.

(and, one more)

early autumn snowfall
    upon Bald Mountain
    upon my sandals

(other poems of similar sorts are to be found in the poetry collections ‘tumbleweeds  still tumbling' and 'Concentric Penumbras of the Heart', both 'from within the fierce funhouse of poetry with ayaz daryl nielsen')

see you in a moment -
                                 (perhaps on Bald Mountain?)

ayaz daryl nielsen

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