Monday, January 21, 2013

Shemom and mystic goldfish

print poetry publication Shemom:  email poetry to  editor: Peggy Dugan French  artist: Forest Dugan French

- my friends -

The shoebox (size 4E) full of poetry recently submitted to bear creek haiku editors Frosty the Cat, Wumpus and Dryad (goldfish), and I, contains an average weekly submission rate of 75 poems from 15 poets.  Frosty, Wumpus, Dryad!  Besides considerations for the pages of bch, let’s also try to recommend other potential (and high quality) homes for poems!

A most favorite print pub is, as mentioned in earlier posts, Shemom:  editor Peggy Dugan French with son Forest Dugan French as artist (best keep artistically dudearoonin’, Forest, ‘cause you be good at it, or! Wumpus and Dryad, editorial/poetic/mystic goldfish mafioso might just come a-knocking on nappy-time neuron activity!)

You may ask yourself, what’s going on in the above paragraph?  Ummm...I’ve no idea.  Let’s just submit poetry for consideration to the print pub Shemom, editor Peggy Dugan French (and artist Forest Dugan French) via email -

The ommmmm in your mailbox is from worthy print publications with your poem(s) somewhere between cover and tail end! (if you so choose, see prior post on tail ends of print pubs)  Especially Shemom! (and, of course, bear creek haiku! ) (and/or Lilliput Review, Barbaric Yawp, Lalitamba, et cetera!)  and!

see you in a moment 

ayaz daryl nielsen

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