Wednesday, January 2, 2013

otiose on Bald Mountain and p l wick

a return to Bald Mountain (with an assist from p l wick)


Often I go to the mountain
and lean against 
quiet rock 
quiet rocks that 
rose from the earth  
millions of years ago

Again, a black brim hat 
for damp morning mist 
a quiet rock 
to lean against 
beneath aspen leaves 
among aster, columbine,
pasque and penstemon

Maybe there’s more I can do
beyond what I have willed
and may have accomplished

Resting beside quiet rock
that rose from the earth
millions of years ago
Plenty enough for this fine day.

and there's the usual unusual activity in nearby mountains:

any moonlit night
if no one’s looking
bristlecone pine
zumba and salsa
(the raven says so)

and!  we’ll also ask the versifier of bard valley p l wick about immersion in the usual unusual:

With deliberation                p l wick
I soak my
  trail-grimed bandana
in Bard Creek -
which “bard” 
  is unknown.
Today, I can hope 
to infuse
the Tao of poetic
from this jubilant
spring run-off
born of high blue ice
and endless
  seasons in time.

perhaps today,
simply a beer--
immersed leisurely
  in the frigid waters,
wedged between stones
in the fires
of earth’s memories

see you in a moment -

ayaz daryl nielsen 
(and a thank you to p l wick)

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