Thursday, January 10, 2013

old crow and a bucking bronco aptly named Tornado

old crow and the bronco Tornado

eight crows caw
while old crow
squats and sulks -
and just what have 
you done this time?

the sun has not risen yet and won't for quite some time, yet old crow and his compadres have been raucously bejesusing for over an hour... it seems I should tell you about this particular crow, my crow, old crow and I -

old crow and I

split by lightning
old crows bicker

hot breeze 
through the skylight..
   raucous crow

in the oak above
this flat tire
   crow being crow

oh snitty crow,
   was my brief presence
      really so troublesome?

tell me where you live,
   old crow, so I can poop
      on your front porch

crow above
   the new Zen garden
      drops his blessings

new home
same old
crow sounds

old crow and I
   cawing, laughing as we
      meet once again

maybe I'll just give up on sleep and make my way to the nearby Crane Hollow Cafe -

early bird special
ranchers at the
Crane Hollow Cafe
slurping breakfast
discuss hay sheds

it's so cool, occasionally - a cafe, before sunrise, listening to ranchers at nearby tables discuss all things ranching - my Danish paternal grandparents homesteaded in the Sand Hills of Nebraska, my uncles (and my father, for quite some time) were ranchers - and are you asking about my one-and-only rodeo up there in Whitehall, Montana?  You are?  Ok!  The announcer stated 'now there's a cowboy who knows he's been on a horse' as I lay on the ground awhile as others pondered what a bucking bronco named Tornado had done to my anatomy - true story! - and all I could think of was 'he called me a cowboy!'. . .

or maybe, this morning, a coffee shop, especially Perky's on Main -


of writing
among wild things

but, I do have a full afternoon/evening today, and if the crows would just shut up, I (and Frosty the cat) would sleep some more (my wife, surprisingly, is still deep asleep, good for her, I don't want to disturb her rest). . .

I'll just go outside and firmly discuss the situation with old crow and his cohorts and maybe, this time, I can shut them up. . .

- it's ten minutes later than the last sentence above of ten minutes ago, and the crows are still carrying on, only now they're also laughing at me, and what I did manage to do was wake Judith up - 

- well, you know, I'll just -

see you in a moment 

ayaz daryl nielsen  

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