Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Margaret D McGee + estimated time of (anthology) completion

estimated time of arrival:    bear creek haiku  the anthology

first/best guestimate (wish) was:  to have an anthology, a best of bear creek haiku, completed by this past Christmas/New Year - now, it appears days of completion will be February (yes, of 2013, not 2014!) - and this seems a reasonable questimate!  Questimate (ok, perhaps it should be guestimate, but, still, another cool word) and, surely, guestimate is a loverly word!  It can be spelled guesstimate or guestimate (well, let’s assume it can) and a word composed of guest and mate (a statement of us, you and I, as buddies/friends and I can come to your house and eat homemade chocolate cake most any time - and let's skip even the thought of asparagus - ice creme would work just fine, however) - is loverly! (loverly:  too much Mary Poppins somewhere in nightshades of a past, so, please, forgive me)

howsoever!  the above does not mean quality/integrity of poets/poetry within said anthology isn’t beyond even loverlynesses!  and!  as proof positive, will share this sample: a bio and poetry from Margaret D. McGee! ! !

Margaret D. McGee

When I feel grounded in creation and connected through the stories and places of my life, I am better able to live authentically.  As a writer and teacher, I work with various practices of attention and mindfulness to develop a sense of connection and being at home in the cosmos.  I'm the author of Haiku - The Sacred Art and Sacred Attention, both published by SkyLight Paths.  My first book, Stumbling Toward God, was published by Innisfree Press.  My web site, "In the Courtyard" at, is the home of online classes, retreats, and other resources that celebrate mindful practices leading to authentic life, as well as a reservoir of original reflections, meditations, prayers, and poetry.

harvest moon
another layer of duct tape
on the garden gloves

a slug beats me 
to the strawberry

       a mushroom caps
       the old fence post
I will be what I will be

stove smoke
circles up; a paisley scarf
rests beside the ax

night balancing day -
across the fence, mist clings
to withered fields

community theatre
latecomers cleave
to single seats

60th birthday--
dirt under my fingernails
sap rising in my veins

morning already
walking to the new school
the long way around

leaf buds
on the prickly rose. . .
mom’s birthday call

camp tea  
        flames die to ember
                  while ravens mutter

cool beans and wet noodles!  (remember wet noodles?  if not, and you so choose, see past post eleven things everyone should know about wet noodles)

and I shall end this post with a poem of my own -

red-winged blackbirds
no two eggs from the same male
well, that’s blackbirds!

alright, alright, maybe this post was that last poem too long - (maybe not? oh, so it’s yes? ok, shucks) - but/and! -

- see you in a moment -

ayaz daryl nielsen

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