Wednesday, December 26, 2012

'would you like to dance?' (one for fun)

would you like to dance?

“depends”, she replies,
“do you do the jitterbug
and skandie and Bulgarian
folk and the hop and lindy
and belly dances?
do you make your own
paper art forms 
about the natives
of northern Finland
and do you do
veiled water colors and
long distance runs and
triathlons and
have you a Harley
you’ve ridden in
the Sturgis parade?
do you have have arches
and a full, snug sac?
have you had sex
with a woman in a
darkened men’s room
on mushrooms barefoot
perched upon the toilet 
and did either or
both of you fall in?
was your heart essence
about when the earth
had no moon and were
you joyously dancing
as the cosmos
was created?
and, last, do you
then and again
and were you now?
yes?  oh, so it’s no?

well, ok...
   let’s dance

see you in a moment - 
ayaz daryl nielsen

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