Wednesday, December 5, 2012

STAR*LINE (scifi/fantasy), two poems, and! port-a-pot poetry

am well aware the question you have been asking yourself (and, undoubtably, others) this past week has been: what remarkable homes have recently accepted poems written by ayaz daryl nielsen for publication?  Relax!  Relax and decompress, friend, for I shall, in this post, begin to address your dilemma...

(however, this note:  the number of places recently presenting poems of mine declined considerably because of my decision to eliminate restroom walls - men’s rooms, mind you, men’s rooms! - an unfortunate but realistic decision because I can’t expect you to visit the Boulder and Longmont Public Libraries’ nor Front Range Community College’s nor The Pump House’s nor Oskar Blues’ plumbing facilities nor that you visit the port-a-pots at construction sites along I-25 northbound toward Cheyenne and Laramie, even though those port-a-pots have provided some remarkably diverse reviews, all right, scrawls, about the poems I placed therein, most of these scrawls, ok, all of them, unprintable/ the human mind can contain so much...well, no, so little...)  let’s at least pretend we are now ready to pull up our big girl panties without creating bunches and move on...

STAR*LINE is the Journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, submissions or F.J. Bergman STAR*LINE editor   W5679 State Road 60   Poynete  WI  53955-8564  It recently seems to have had its version of upheaval that often happens when two or more supposedly like-minded people gather together for a seemingly similar purpose, let alone the formation of a committee/delegation/interest group or (please slap us relentlessly) a political party - 
well, anyway, I was/am a fan of fantasy/sci fi poet/writer and former editor of S.F.P.A Marge Simon, and, muy importante, especially of the ascending presence and transformative contents of print pub STAR*LINE

worthy and obviously super-astute STAR*LINE editor F. J. Bergman just accepted a poem of mine that begins ‘hangover and a mossy blue rash’ (this blip has to have you drooling over the mere thought of reading the rest of the poem as soon as is possible)...
and!  here’s a poem of mine STAR*LINE published in the past (A. Einstein states - “the distinction between past and present and future is an illusion, but a very persistent one”


You come to us through deed and little lies,
those without a trace of substance, of
redemption:  weeping, your incontinence,
some drool, a sob, mental tentacles of an
unending embrace, and murmurings 
of your true name.

ok, yes, yes, I will give you another of the same sort, also published in STAR*LINE: 


Because of our illusions,
I have removed from the minutes
that the White Daemon will
remain Sewer Warden
of Erie and Nederland.
At several unknown thousand
years of age, Daemon has patched
its neck high waders and
is off to a fast trudge
ahead of Noose and wombat,
dastard and ditch,
Justice and Peace.

A command decision has to be made about now.  I’ve at least twenty more pubs to cover (no, this isn’t a pub ‘crawl’ - well, maybe!) and, yes, I understand you want to read about all of them as soon as is possible, but, as Judith points out, ‘people are more likely to read your posts if they aren’t too long’ (and, she continues:  ‘the inherent merit of each and every vowel and verb you will present needs to be a gradual, flowing buildup to the pinnacle of the lingering enlightened state within your poetry, rather than! rather than the sudden, overwhelming, and perhaps disruptive vistas your words will initiate if presented all in one and one only overwhelming blog post)’  ok, yes, I added all that last part.  Time for you to breathe deeply, meditate, yogaize, a glass (or two) of scotch, pray, a long walk, hug your sweetie, snooze, rewrite a poem, swill a beer, or!  visit the port-a-pots along construction sites on I-25 north of Fort Collins and south of Cheyenne   and 

see you in a moment - ayaz daryl nielsen 

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