Thursday, December 20, 2012

'Snowfall'...your holidays will! be! joyful

a poem written beside bear creek and!
your upcoming holidays will be relaxing, joyful and full of good vibes (some 60's residue there - I was there and I don't remember it so I must have been there - am quoting a famous persona,  Zonker, maybe, or Daffy Duck - Santa Claus?  I don't remember) - you got it?  (all the good vibes and joy and relaxing part?)  Cool...


lying in bed
   morning snowfall on
      the balcony

quietly watching
   a few lingering
      maple leaves become

snow cradles until
   top heavy and poof! they
      twist and sometimes

tumble with the crystals

there are things to
   do this morning...

snowfall on the 

- see you in a moment -         (gotta love Chalkduster font) (and libraries) (and bear creek)
ayaz daryl nielsen
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